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What's new for Agile software development in Team Foundation Server 2015

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Do you want to know what's new for Agile Software Development in this new version of TFS? Check out this presentation created by me and Vinicius Moura. We presented it in one of the sessions of a worldwide remote training about ALM and DevOps.

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What's new for Agile software development in Team Foundation Server 2015

  1. 1. Vinicius Moura Ricardo Serradas What's new for Team Foundation Server 2015 for Agile software development
  2. 2. static class Program { static void Main() { List<string> features = GetAllFeatures(); foreach (string feature in features) { if (isItEnabledOnTFSRTM(feature) == true) { Console.WriteLine("Show it on TFS On Premises"); } else { Console.WriteLine("Show it on Visual Studio Online"); } } } private static List<string> GetAllFeatures() { return new List<string> { "Feature1_TFSRTMAndVSO", "Feature2_VSO", "Feature3_TFSRTMaAndVSO" }; } private static bool isItEnabledOnTFSRTM(string feature) { return feature.Contains("TFSRTM"); } } Presentation Logic
  3. 3. Backlog and bug management • The Epic portfolio backlog has been added • Backlogs and portfolio backlogs are now team-configurable • Track bugs as requirements or as tasks has been added as a team-configurable option • Quickly expand and collapse the product backlog hierarchy with Parents Show/Hide control • Multi-select items on the product backlog • Add card-editable fields and tags to the task board • Unparented tasks now appear on the task board • Quickly filter your product and portfolio backlogs with the Key word filter control • Adding work directly to a sprint
  4. 4. Kanban board • Add, edit, and reorder items directly on the board • Reorder cards when changing columns • Drag any item to an iteration from anywhere • Implement a pull system using split columns of Doing and Done • Add custom swimlanes to track work at different service classes • Support team policies for handoff by specifying a column's Definition of done • Customize cards to display card-editable fields • Card* and Tags coloring • Include/exclude the first column of the Kanban board from the Cumulative flow diagram, as well as set the start date • Quickly filter the board with the Key word filter control
  5. 5. Work item form and query enhancements • @CurrentIteration macro allows you to create queries that automatically update based on the team's current iteration. • Quickly filter query results with the Key word filter control • Enhancements in the Assigned To field, allowing query and showing Name, Account and Avatar
  6. 6. Process template enhancements • Agile, CMMI, and Scrum process templates have been renamed, locked, and are now versionless • Scaled Agile Framework more fully supported by adding the Epic work item type and portfolio backlog and the Value Area (Business vs. Architectural) and the Time Criticality fields. • Multiple activities per team member
  7. 7. References TFS 2015 RTM Release Notes https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/news/tfs2015-vs.aspx Scaled Agile Framework http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudioalm/archive/2015/05/15/scaled-agile-framework- visual-studio-online-process-template-updates.aspx Visual Studio Online Features Timeline https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/news/release-archive-vso.aspx
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