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Reports-Sessions at Oswal Bandhu by Earthsoft

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Sessions conducted by Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG), is working as an NGO for students - Education & Career guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. We are working speading , sharing knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at www.slideshare.net and search using key word - earthsoft Read http://www.twitlonger.com/show/knn13i
Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms Kindly spread to your friends. Thank you!
Let us make earth little softer...

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Reports-Sessions at Oswal Bandhu by Earthsoft

  1. 1. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance 1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park, Aundh, Pune 411 007 India www.myefg.in Report of various lectures at Oswal Bandhu Samaj “To be successful” Oswal Bandhu Samaj, a social trust working in Pune & across Maharashtra region for welfare of various fields like social, education and health. It is chaired by Shri.Walchandji Sancheti and Shri. Jaykumar Pokharnaji as Secretary supported by renowned trustees. Till now it has distributed scholarships to more than 1100 students amount to more than 1.25 Crores this year 2013-14 and a deeply remarkable. It has also extended medical support to more than 1000 people and sum more than Rs 50 lacs till now and plan for more. Trustees are dedicated to scholarship management giving their valuable time and guiding to the students. They met students in batches during period July to September in persons understanding their problems, current scenarios, quality & cost of education, their future plans and encouraging those for higher education and to be successful in their lives. Mr.Nemichandji Karnavat took initiative and arranged seminar on the topic “To be successful” in batches for all the students in association of Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance, which is working as a NGO for students & professionals. Trustees also expressed importance of higher education, sincerity & exerting during time of deep competition and excel without compromising lesser than the best. Rajendra Rakhecha, founder member of Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance conveyed following during his lectures. 1. Successful personalities as a result of higher education 2. How to plan study and examination 3. How to choose career & hence education 4. Tips to be successful while building a career & in a life Students shared their feedback positively and thanked Oswal Bandhu Samaj trust for arranging such inspiring seminar and supporting them monetarily.