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Activation Map Customer Growth Plan

Business vs. Facts
It’s not trivial to link business-oriented questions like
“What shall I do to increase my sales?”
with the data-oriented one like
“What was the sales last month or year?”

Answers vs. Action
Whatever information is useless without the context, i.e. what actions can be done upon the received answers, what were the hypothesis used for interpretations etc.

My vs. Company’s Knowledge
There are missing tools for capturing, sharing and utilizing the know-how of business analysis = interlinked business and data questions with relevant actions

That is the space for Activation Maps...

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Activation Map Customer Growth Plan

  1. 1. Activation Map Example: Customer Growth Plan What should I do to increase the sales? What was the sales by year, month and customer? Which new customers should I try to acquire primarily? Which customers should I try to prevent from leaving primarily? What is the sum of sales for each of 10 group of customers ordered by their sales? What is the ratio of sales per last 3 months to sales per last 12 months for each customer? Which customers do belongs to the first two groups of customers by sales? Which customers have the ratio of sales per last 3 months to sales per last 12 months lower than 20%? Which customers could potentially leave? Which customers have the ratio of sales per last 3 months to sales per last 12 months greater than 80%, i.e. there’s a significant growth? Execute direct marketing or sales campaign targeted to current customers with highest sales and risk of leaving. Which are the 5 customer attributes having the highest correlation with fact of the belonging to the group of customers with high growth of sales? Execute ATL campaign focused on customers with the attributes characteristic for this group To be verified: Was that assumption valid in history for customers which really left? Assumption: There is a new group of customers on the market. Some of them have already became my customers and belong to the group with the high growth of sales. Which attributes are the common for (new) customers with high growth? Leaving of which customers would be the most painful for me? Total sales is just one of possible indicators, profitability or potential value of the customer are examples of more advanced. More questions like “Which customers are the easiest target for the additional sales?” etc.