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Grow on YouTube in 2018: YouTube Content Strategy | PodFest Keynote

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How to Grow on YouTube in 2018: Content Strategy. Ultimately if you want to grow a successful YouTube channel it's going to come down the content you are posting on YouTube. Understanding your target audience on YouTube and what represents quality content to them, while playing to your strengths is key.

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Grow on YouTube in 2018: YouTube Content Strategy | PodFest Keynote

  1. 1. YOUTUBE CONTENT STRATEGY Presented by Roberto Blake of Awesome Creator Academy
  2. 2. ROBERTO BLAKE ● Produced and Edited Over 1000+ Online Videos ● Built a community of 290,000+ on YouTube ● Participated in over 1000 Live Video Streams across all major Live Streaming Platforms ● Worked with Brands Including Adobe, Dell and Samsung. ● Editing with Adobe Premiere since 1998. ● YouTube Certified Expert
  3. 3. START NOW!
  4. 4. Creativity, Consistency, Context
  5. 5. Unique Qualities ● New spin on an existing idea or topic ● Use your strengths and weaknesses ● Different visual aesthetic ● Make your own unique format ● Brand your overall style ● Tonality and emotional connection ● Representation value ● Frequency and consistency
  6. 6. TYPES OF CONTENT ON YOUTUBE HERO/PRODUCED This content is your calling card. This content is highly produced and edited and is meant to leave an impression. HELP/TUTORIAL This is search friendly content that owns a specific problem and offers a solution. Use this to education your audience. HUB/COMMUNITY This content focuses on emotional value and can bring your audience together and is likely to be shared with similar people.
  8. 8. VISUAL BRANDING ● YouTube Channel Art ● YouTube Thumbnails ● YouTube Profile Picture ● Motion Graphics ● Video Style and Color Grading ● YouTube End Cards ● YouTube Watermark ● Channel Layout
  9. 9. DRIVE CLICKS ● Make Your Thumbnails Competitive with Ranking Videos for Your Topic/Niche ● Make Your Title Trigger Curiosity ● Make Your Thumbnails Emotionally Satisfying ● Use a Unique Visual Design Aesthetic to Standout while making your thumbnails recognizable ● For help content make your titles clear and concise ● For hero and hub content make your titles exciting and interesting
  11. 11. RESEARCH! Make data driven decisions whenever possible. Tip Twitter is a great place to do research to see what your target market is talking about and interested in at the moment. Use: :search.twitter.com and check hashtags
  12. 12. Search Friendly Title ● Titles match keywords used in first paragraph of description and search phrases created in tags ● Use Tubebuddy to identify titles with high search volume and low competition ● Use long form titles to have an advantage in search phrases ● How to, What is, How Much… are great search friendly titles for education or tutorials
  13. 13. GENERATING CONTENT IDEAS ● Demonstrate your skills ● Communicate your experience ● Answer Frequently Asked Questions in your niche. ● Comment on current events ● Crowdsource questions directly from your community ● Document a process or event ● Share a personal experience
  14. 14. CONTENT STRATEGY ● Have a regular upload schedule/frequency ● Read, Watch Listen Look ● Have a balance of the 3 types of content: Hub, Help, Hero. ● Develop a strategy for each platform ● Consider making a branded mini-series ● Research content that is trending or has high levels of search and low competition ● Make content that is shareable in social ● Create a distribution strategy across platform ● Balance both short and long form content ● Consider incorporating live streams ● Learn to use automation when possible
  15. 15. Content that Connects
  16. 16. Reviews, Reveals, Resources Resources That No One Else is Providing Getting specific about the needs of your audience will translate to loyal buyers. Reviewing Products & Services Honest and authentic reviews help your audience make a buying decision. Reveal a Process or Industry Insights If you can relieve the anxiety for a consumer, you can convert them. Create Tremendous Value, and Build Trust to Convert Customers.
  17. 17. Content is About What You Communicate ● Personality ● Overall Goal and Intentions ● Common Ground ● Introducing New Information ● Becoming a Reliable Source ● Offering a Discussion ● Being Accessible ● Unique Value Proposition @robertoblake
  18. 18. Amplify Your Content Social Media provides you with distribution platforms for your content but also an opportunity to expand on it and drive more engagement and interest.
  19. 19. Engagement Matters Don’t focus on the size of your audience or even on growth, prioritize engagement and conversions and creating value and proof of your credibility.
  21. 21. CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE http://awesomecreatoracademy.com http://twitter.com/robertoblake http://youtube.com/robertoblake2 http://facebook.com/robertoblake2 http://robertoblake.com/itunes http://linkedin.com/in/robertoblake