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Enterprise Blockchain: A Short Introduction

Note: Please Send Edits!

This is a slightly edited version of a presentation I gave at the
Uncork VC CTO Summit. Its really short (I only had 10 mins!). Good reading for beginners. We welcome any edit suggestions. This was put together in a very short period of time.

Enterprise Blockchain: A Short Introduction

  1. 1. 2
  2. 2. When Is Enterprise Blockchain The Right Answer? 3 Multi-Party Transactions Expensive Reconciliation Cross-Border Transfers Yes House On Fire Problems Experienced Founders No Central Power No Point To Point Transactions No Reconciliation Slow Adopters Theoretical Problems Novice Founders Good Central Authority Twitter: @rmb Email: r@mstat.io
  3. 3. Why Blockchain Is Magical 4 ● Distributed ● Consensus-Based ● Trustless ● Immutable ● Tokenized ● Buzzy Twitter: @rmb Email: r@mstat.io
  4. 4. 2018 Will Be The Year Enterprise Blockchain Explodes 5 ICOs Will Have Record Year in 2018 Total ICOs May Approach $3B, 3x 2017 Enterprise Revenue Could Surge Could approach $100M in 2018, 5x 2017 Fortune 500 Roll-Outs Accelerate > 150 networks in production by EOY 18 Regulation Focused On Bad Actors 100% of public actions are against scams Twitter: @rmb Email: r@mstat.io
  5. 5. 200+ Pilots In Fortune 500: Virus Is Spreading 6 #1 Blockchain Leader Company Embracing crypto (Stellar), 1500 consultants #1 Blockchain Services Company Staff has exploded to 800, moving to new HQ #1 Fortune 500 Retailer Lots of launches (Food Safety, Smart Packages, etc) #1 World Shipping & Container Company Spinning out a blockchain join venture, launching 2018 #1 Pharmaceutical Company Spun off Change Healthcare, Ventures investing #1 ECommerce Company Hyperledger Sawtooth & R3 built on AWS, also Coinbase! Top US Telecommunications Company New Security & Identity suite w Guardtime, also Mobi Top Financial Services Company Built Quorum, private chain fork from Ethereum #1 Aeorospace Company Filing patents to use blockchain to fight GPS spoofing Top Technology Leader Piloting blockchain for identity, Azure for blockchain #1 Cable / MSO Company Investing heavily through Ventures Group, Identity projects #1 ‘Ready Player One’ Uses Blockchain! The tech underpinning Oasis = blockchain Twitter: @rmb Email: r@mstat.io
  6. 6. Enterprise Blockchain: A $50B Ecosystem in 6 Years 7 Protocol (Distributed) Applications Infrastructure $$$ Ethereum - Most popular (devs, cos) - Public network (But Quorum) - Fixing scaling (Sharding) - Consensys = Leader - Strongest in enterprise - Private, permissioned - Need tokenization/mining - IBM, Accenture, Intel Hyperledger Lots of Others - Vertical cases (Ripple. IOTA) - New BFT PoS (Algorand) - Smart Tokens (Bancor) - DAG (Hashgraph) Bitcoin - $164B market cap - 225k TPD and growing - Lightning L2 layer will enable scaling to M/S TPS Deployment Scaling Monitoring / Analytics Emerging Areas - Deploying is hard (Heroku) - Blockdaemon = Early Leader - Consensys, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft all have solutions - Horizontal (Cosmos, Polkadot, Kadena) - Proof of Work Inversion - Network layer (bloXroute) - Interoperability (public/private) - Integrated search - Legacy system connectivity - Secure Contract Execution - QOS = Crucial (New Relic) - Amberdata = Early Leader - IBM, Consensys & others launching solutions Supply Chain (Provenance) Trade Finance Bank Payments Crypto Trading Customer Identity Customer Data Healthcare Tokenization Supply Chain (Safety) Shipment Tracking Trading & Settlements Mortgage Processing IOT Management IOT Security Ad Tech Media DRM Twitter: @rmb Email: r@mstat.io
  7. 7. Starting To Build: The Top Protocols 8 Ethereum Hyperledger Bitcoin Characteristics Public, decentralized Closed, permissioned Focused on transactions Proponents Consensys, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, Accenture, BBVA IBM, Hyperledger/Linux, Accenture, Cisco, Intel, Aetna, BBVA NYSE, Coinbase, Kraken What Is It? Open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality. Umbrella project of open source blockchains and related tools, started by the Linux Foundation, to support the collaborative development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers The bitcoin network is a peer-to-peer payment network that operates on a cryptographic protocol. Programming Language Solidity is a contract-oriented, high-level language for implementing smart contracts. It was influenced by C++, Python and JavaScript and is designed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Hyperledger Composer is a set of collaboration tools for building blockchain networks that make it simple to create smart contracts and blockchain applications to solve business problems. Core programming is written in C++ Twitter: @rmb Email: r@mstat.io
  8. 8. Protocol Explosion: Some Others To Consider 9 Launched / Pilot Not Launched Financial Payments Speed / TPS Financial Payments Financial Payments IOT Devices Financial Consortium Financial Payments BFT Proof of Stake Censor Resistant Proof Of Space Time Privacy Protection Content & Coins Twitter: @rmb Email: r@mstat.io
  9. 9. Blockdaemon Makes It Easy To Deploy Across All Major Protocols 10 ● Blockchain Node Deployment As A Service ● Platform agnostic Hyperledger, Ethereum. R3, Quorum, Multichain ● Founder has had three exits ● Feels like Heroku, Digital Ocean, AWS ● Hosting on Google, AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean ● Last founding round led by Comcast Ventures Twitter: @rmb Email: r@mstat.io
  10. 10. 11 ● Blockchain Operational Monitoring & Analytics ● Platform agnostic: Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum & more ● Previous investment from Hummer Winblad ● Founders have executive experience at EMC, ServiceMesh, Unified Social, Acxiom & LoudCloud Twitter: @rmb Email: r@mstat.io Amberdata Ensure Smooth Operation In Production (IE: Datadog)
  11. 11. Want To Learn More? Tons of Free Courses (IBM) Take Advisor Roles Listen To Podcasts Tons of Great Conferences Join Telegram Groups Start Looking At Seed Deals Work With Great Accelerators Is Your Business Token/Crypto Relevant? 12
  12. 12. MState: Who We Are OUR BACKERSOUR TEAM WHAT WE LOOK FOR $1B VC Raised 30 Exits, 3 IPOs Enterprise & Blockchain Leaders Rob Bailey CEO Co-Founder Ed Sim Advisor & Co-Founder Eliot Durbin Advisor & Co-Founder Enterprise / B2B DApp & Infrastructure Solving A Big (Urgent) Pain For Customers Experienced Founders (Enterprise Is Tough!) Pre-Seed To Series A, We Prefer Equity To Tokens We Want BUILDRs 13 700 enterprise blockchain companies reviewed 200 enterprise blockchain companies engaged 3 investments YTD
  13. 13. Coming Soon! MState 2.0 Rob Bailey r@mstate.io @rmb 14

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Note: Please Send Edits! This is a slightly edited version of a presentation I gave at the Uncork VC CTO Summit. Its really short (I only had 10 mins!). Good reading for beginners. We welcome any edit suggestions. This was put together in a very short period of time.


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