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Leave a mark in history

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Tips to inspire you leaving a mark in history

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Leave a mark in history

  2. 2. Without Vision People Perish  Know your purpose for living  Your purpose for living is unique  There is never going to be a duplicate of you  Purpose helps define your vision in life  Vision is your life’s expected end  Vision is understanding the end before it happens  Look at the bigger picture
  3. 3.  Find time to look at the smallest details of your vision as well  Let your vision for life spark better dreams  Always dream bigger than your present circumstances  Have goals to achieve your dreams  Plan to achieve your goals  Plan to succeed  Plan to get the best out of life  Plan to live differently  Plan to leave a mark in the lives of people around you
  4. 4. Accept The Bill  Order that pizza, pick the chocolate bar, book that holiday in Zurich be ready to accept the bill  Good things in life come with a price tag  Always be prepared to pay the price for success  Accept the bill for completing high school  Accept the bill for graduating from college  The bill for a dream career is on you  The bill for a great business venture is on you  Becoming a leader in your church or community know the bill is on you.
  5. 5.  Seeking to influence generations be ready to accept the bill  You have what it takes to succeed in life  Pick excuses and life becomes a nightmare  Fault your yesterday and you will miss the opportunity of living today  Today matters and make most of the opportunity of living today.  Tomorrow will not be the same as today  Start today paying the bill for success
  6. 6. Strive For Excellence  Never chase after success  Become excellent and success will follow  Devote your life to excellence  Set high standards for living  Surround yourself with excellent things  Surround yourself with people who are pursuing excellence  Build your life for excellence one day at a time.
  7. 7. Hard Work Never Kills  All hard work leads to profit  Commit to work hard everyday  Every good dream requires that we keep working on things  Work hard to become competent  Work hard until you will no longer have to introduce yourself  A hard working farmer has the first share of the harvest  Work hard , work smart, and keep moving
  8. 8. Endure All Things  Tough times come but never lasts  Failure comes but it is not final  Limitations will always be there but are breakable  Doubt will come but faith knocks it down  Opposition is an opportunity to go an extra mile  Take every obstacle as a stepping stone to success  Difficult moments deepen our resolve to do better  Resolve to endure all things  Weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning
  9. 9. Renew The Mind Always  Never get stuck in the success or failure of yesterday  Let go of bad habits and learn good ones.  Forget the former things, keep moving forward.  Everyday day is unique and has its trouble.  Never carry worry around with you.  Worrying will never add a single hour to your life  Worrying drains the strength to live healthy  A renewed mind is always stronger  Be sober, be vigilant, and be courageous  Let the new self occupy your entire life
  10. 10. Enjoy Change  Accept that change happens  Anticipate there is going to be change  It is never safe to think change will not come  Change has its own price  Pay the price of change  Change in the positive direction  Change to experience new opportunities  Change to contribute more to people around you  Change to leave a mark in history  Enjoy change
  11. 11. RAPHAEL MNDALASINI Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Pastor Follow on twitter : @rmndalasini