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List your Space with Oravel

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The Presentation Shares information about Listing your Spare Room, Serviced Apartment, B&B, Novelty Space like Villa, Castle etc with Oravel.

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List your Space with Oravel

  1. 1. Become a Host and List your Space! Book Rooms with Locals instead of Hotels!
  2. 2. Is the Listing Free ? Listing your Space (Apartment, B&B,Vacation Rental etc) is completely free. We collect 20% of each accepted reservation to cover the cost of processing. Easiest way in India Host your space with easy communication & payments with a IndiaEstablished Company with fully functional Tele Services
  3. 3. Who will Stay at your Space Below are the Type of Travelers who will love to Stay your Space! People Business Travelers in exploring a professionals town for Vacationers neighborhood in town for special before moving work events there Perfect recipe of having interesting people Stay at your Space while the Space earns!
  4. 4. Why rent your Extra space ? To make extra money To meet interesting travelers from around the world To share local knowledge about your city Thousands of people across India and globe have been doing this and have enjoyed the experience! To test things out and see if hosting is for you; and well, trust us-It works!
  5. 5. What can you List ? A Spare Serviced Bed &Room! Apartment Breakfast A novelty property like a treehouse, boat, island, castle
  6. 6. How it works! Search by City à Review Listings à BOOK IT!
  7. 7. How long will the Guests Stay ? A Full week A vacation nights of Over-Night Weekend Work! Sublet aA Full Week! A fortnight Couple of Months
  8. 8. Oravel.com; The Company Oravel Stays Pvt Limited 130/2, Masjid Moth, South Extension II New Delhi-49, call us at 0120-3803016 or ReachCompany at: hello@oravel.com 3000+ Listings with 600+ Properties only in New Delhi NCR and over 200+ happy room Nights! Covered emphatically by leading publications like India Digital Review, Yourstory etc and accelerated by Venture Nursery, India’s first Angel Investor backed Acclerator The Company was Started by one of the youngestEntrepreneurs in India