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FAQ: Working with Files in Microsoft Teams

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FAQ: Working with Files in Microsoft Teams

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FAQ: Working with Files in Microsoft Teams

  1. 1. FAQ for File Collaboration in Microsoft Teams CO-AUTHORING Does Teams file storage supportco-authoring? Yes, multiple userscaneditafile simultaneouslyinOffice applicationslike Word,Excel and PowerPoint. Thiscaninclude real-timeco-authoring,where eachusercansee everyone’scursorsmovingandtextappearingastheytype. DIFFERENT APPS Does co-authoringworkif my team edits the document indifferent types of applications? Yes,co-authoringcanwork whetherthe simultaneoususersare inthe browser,inthe desktopapp, inTeams, on a mobile phone,oranycombination. DESKTOP APPS Do I need to use the Teams desktop app to work with filesinTeams? While it’sconvenienttoview andeditfilesin the Teamsapp alongside your conversations(seeDOCUMENTCONVERSATIONS), you’renotrequiredtouse Teamsto workwithfilesthatare storedin Teams – you can use desktopapps,the browser,or mobile devicesaswell. UPLOADING Are there different waysto uploadmy filesto Teams? There are several waystouploadfilestoyourTeamsfile storage: - The Upload button inthe browseron eitherthe Filestaborthe related SharePointlibrary - As a newTeamschat post thatincludesan attachedfile - UsingWindowsExploreronyourPC (see OFFLINEACCESS) - DirectlyfromOffice applicationslike Word orExcel,whichare aware of all your Teams/Groups - From yourmobile device FILE SIZE What’sthe largest filesize I can uploadto Teams? 15 GBs is currentlythe largest size of a single file thatcan be uploaded viaweb/browser. (Wordor PDFdocumentsare typicallymuchsmallerthanthis).Forfileslargerthan15 GB, you coulduse file syncviaWindowsExplorer(see OFFLINEACCESS). OFFLINE ACCESS CanI work on Teams filesoffline? Yes,usingthe “Sync” buttonyoucan create an offline copyof yourTeamsfileswhichare syncedto the cloud. The fileswill be visible inWindowsExplorerandbehave likelocal filesonyourPC. ONENOTE NOTEBOOKS CanI use OneNotenotebooks inTeams? Yes,OneNote notebooks canbe storedandviewedinMicrosoftTeams (the Government versionof Teamswill soonalsosupportthe OneNote Tabaswell) VERSION HISTORY CanI see who made changesto my filesin Teams? Yes,Teamsautomaticallykeepsversion historyof the changestothe documentsit stores.Youcan use SharePointtoaccessversionhistory tosee whomade changes,when theymade them(time/date),andevenrestoreordelete specificversions.
  2. 2. FILE CHANGE ALERTS CanI get an alert when someonemodifiesmy filesin Teams? Yes,you can create a SharePointAlertthatcan email youwheneversomeonemodifies a documentyoucreated.Youcan alsobe alertedonother file activity inyourTeamas well,evenif youdidn’tcreate the documentyourself. DOCUMENT CONVERSATIONS Canmy team’s chat conversationabouta file inTeams be linkedto that file? Yes,the conversation threadsthatyougenerate re:yourdocuments canbe foundwith the Conversationbutton whenviewingdocumentsinTeams. SEARCH Does Teams allowme to search for wordsINSIDE my documents?Even PDFs? Yes,all documentsstoredinMicrosof Teamsare searchable withthe searchbox atthe top of the Teams app,and because the documentsare fullyindexed,youcanfindyour searchterms notonlyinthe title of the file,butalsoif yoursearchtermsappear anywhere withinthe bodyof the document.ThiscapabilityincludesPDFdocuments and some images aswell,inadditionto Office documents. DESKTOP SHARING CanI showmy Teams documentsduring anonlineweb conference call meeting? Yes,desktopsharingisavailable duringonline Teamsmeetingswiththe Teamsdesktop app.If you’re joiningthe Teamsmeetingthroughyourbrowser,desktopsharingmaynot be available basedonyourbrowsertype. DOWNLOAD CanI downloaddocumentsfromTeams to my local device? Yes,you can downloadfilestoyourlocal device.Be aware thatyouare at that point workingona local copy that the rest of your teamdoesn’thave accessto,and youare not takingadvantage of the co-authoringcapabilitiesthatare providedwhenfilesare storedinTeams. SWITCHING TENANTS I alsouse MicrosoftTeams with another organization –can I access my files forthis team as well as my other teams throughthe same Teams app? Yes,if thisscenarioappliestoyou, yourTeamsapplication will includeadropdownmenu nearyour profile picture forswitching betweenyourdifferentTeamstenants. COMPATIBILITY I get errors when I try to view or edit one of my documentsthat I’ve broughtin to Teams from a differentlocation.Is there a compatibilityissue? There couldcertainlybe manywaysto troubleshooterrors,but we’veseenthatsome usersexperience issue whentryingtouse olderOffice documentsusingthe olderformat (DOC,XLS, PPT) insteadof the newerformat(DOCX, XLSX,PPTX). Youcanuse your Office applicationstoSave Asinthe newerformat – oftenthisfixes issueswhentryingtowork withthe documentinTeams. FILE VISIBILITY