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Mobile apps

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Mobile for increasing interaction in a math course

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Mobile apps

  1. 1. Increasing Student Interaction in the Math Classroom Using Mobile Apps REVA NARASIMHAN ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS KEAN UNIVERSITY, NJ AMATYC 2017
  2. 2. List of Apps  Google Classroom : classroom management app; ask questions in real time and make assignments; requires google education account  Google Forms and Sheets: available for free to everyone; use generic form to record answers  Remind Messaging App: text message students for free; not required to collect phone number  Desmos: mobile graphing app
  3. 3. Google forms for Question of the Day • Create a generic Google form to record answers to questions posed on the blackboard. • Instantly review answers to see where students are having problems. • Use the Google Sheets app to view responses.
  4. 4. Google Classroom  Instructor can ask question to students in real time  Instructor can view answers  Students download free app
  5. 5. Remind App  Easily text message students  No cell phone numbers are revealed  Easy way to notify students of class delays, exam dates etc.  Use in class to share links
  6. 6. Sharing links via Remind Allows students to instantly access material on their phones while instructor is lecturing on the material. Exploring data Exploring web resources
  7. 7. Source: Cengage Learning survey of 876 college instructors and 4,960 college students , 8/2014, 9/2014 https://blog.cengage.com/smartphones-in-class-learning-tool-distraction/
  8. 8. Question of the Day Responses • These are written to Google sheets • Check answers in real times and see what students are having trouble understanding • Can use the same form for different questions
  9. 9. Desmos Graphing App
  10. 10. Desmos in class • Phone app has more functionality than graphing calculator • Interactive sliders can be used to investigate the role of parameters • Set up a graphing activity in your Desmos account and share via Remind or Google classroom • Incorporate into a Google form to create interactive worksheets!