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Online rental advertising on rentalwala

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Free Local Rental Classifieds. Search and post classified ads in for rent, rental ads in india, rent ads, rent classifieds, rental classifieds in india.

Visit Us : http://www.rentalwala.com

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Online rental advertising on rentalwala

  1. 1. Online Rental Advertising On Rentalwala BED AND BREAKFAST Turn your private vacant furnished rooms into lodging. Just offer overnight accommodation and next morning breakfast. Earn in just 5 days what you would earn from fixed full month rental. FREELANCING Register your skill on rentalwala.com and become a self-employed person and earn extra income. If you are working or have knowledge in field of Music, Photography, Copy Editing, Proofreading, Computer Programming, Web Design, Graphic Design, Website Development or Consulting then put your skills for hire on rentalwala.com. SERVICES Rentalwala.com brings the solution to your day2day requirement for Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Car Drivers, Maids, Housekeeping, Cooks and other manual services. Search for the kind of services you need and it will be at your doorstep in no time. Even you can help these small tradesmen in earning a good livelihood by registering them with rentalwala.com and make your contribution towards better future of our motherland India. EVENT MANAGEMENT Rentalwala.com provides a complete event management solution. Find Marriage Gardens to Paanwala, DJ to Fireworks, Anchors to Dance groups, Security Guards to Bouncers, Catering to Water suppliers and Decorators to Cameraman, all at one stop. PAYING GUEST AND ROOM MATES Get a complete list of paying guest accommodations with real photographs in your preferred locality on rentalwala.com. Now get your room booked even before you shift to the new place. Your search for a roommate will find an end with your advertisement on rentalwala.com. Our well designed review and rating system will help you in selecting the best out of your search.
  2. 2. SHERWANI Getting married or planning to attend your friend's wedding. But your budget is not allowing you to wear the high class royal ethnic wear of your choice. Now rentalwala.com presents groom Sherwanis at very affordable rentals. Take on rent from our finest Sherwani collection which blends with the latest color and trends in the market to make your wedding moments memorable. REAL ESTATE List your house / commercial property for rent on India’s fastest growing rental platform rentalwala.com. Just upload photos of your property along with property details. Or, find a home or commercial space in the city or a particular locality of your choice. Listing and finding a real estate had never been so simple before! Don’t sell, just rent!!!!! Rentalwala More Services : Banquet Halls & Marriage Halls in India, Rental Paanwala In India, Jewellery Designers In India, Bed and Breakfast India, Grooms Wear Collection, Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners In India