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Drug Counseling Help for Addicts | Rehab Centers and Programs in South Carolina

  1. Recovery Concepts of the Carolina We provide our patients with valuable care at an affordable cost from Easley, South Carolina. Call: (864) 306-8533
  2. • What Should I Expect Being At Recovery Concepts LLC for the First Time? • You should expect to be put through an initial assessment process with the substance abuse counselor and nurse. • You will be put through a customized medication assisted therapy for your individual addiction pattern. • You may participate in an individual/family education group as a part of the recovery program.
  3. Why Choose Us • An initial assessment with a substance abuse counselor. • Consultation with a physician. • Group counseling and individual therapy and family education groups • Relapse prevention and life skills education and development.
  4. Addiction Counseling Programs  We provide our patients with group education and addiction counseling.  We mostly make use of buprenorphine and methadone to help with opiate dependence.  We are available for help 24 x 7.”
  5. Our Dedicated Team of Professionals • Our staff from diverse background use different treatment styles to suit individual patient requirements. • Our staff does understands what the patients are going through. • Our professionals are seasoned and experienced to deal with this aspect of treatment to effectively do the needful to achieve the desired results. • Our professionals are unbiased and they keep the treatment practical and empathic with patients.
  6. Program Sponsors Jeffrey Craddock, MD Gajendra Bafna, Pharm. D. Stephanie W Moller, BA, CAC II, NCAC II
  7. Outline of Fee Structure • -Initial Phone Consultation/ Pre-screening: Free • -Initial Intake Assessment Fee: $75 (one-time charge) inclusive of standard lab tests* and counseling. • *Additional lab tests may entail additional charges.
  8. Federally Licensed Opioid Treatment Center • Recovery Concepts LLC is a Federally Licensed Opioid Treatment Center. • We have demonstrated conformance to best practice standards in addiction treatment.
  9. Whole Patient Approach  Treatment for drug dependency is being offered by making use of the whole patient approach.  Treatment is offered based on the four major perspectives like the disease perspective, behavior perspective, dimensional perspective and life story perspective.
  10. Effective Ways to Treat Addiction  Health and social consequences  Hopeless waste of resources  Helping someone out of the addiction  Professional grade counseling  Walk in and ask for help  Inpatient program that can get too expensive  Drug Addiction Counseling – Not a Hopeless Waste of Resource
  11. Why Do Addicts Use Drugs? • When someone incapable in processing and expressing their feelings. • Inability to deal with life and inner conflict keep hitting their mind. • Addicts take help of these substances to avoid and hide their feelings. • When they are happy, depressed, sad or ecstatic, they use the addictive substances to cope with feelings.
  12. Why to Seek Help for Drug Addiction Counseling? • When people engage in obsessive and compulsive behavior, they soon start to lose all their control over their actions. • They reach to a level where nothing can help them to lose their family, their self image, their jobs and social right too. • They are helpless over their ailment and cannot stop using on their own. • This is the situation where getting help of Drug Addiction Counseling comes into the action.
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  14. Get Free Consultation Recovery Concepts of the Carolina Upstate, LLC Address: 1653 E Main Street, Easley, SC 29640 Phone:(864)306-8533 Email: Website:
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