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Unsung heroes Validator & Infra provider.pdf

  1. Unsung heroes Validator & Infra-Infra provider
  2. Who are you?
  3. Most of you, maybe..
  4. Cuz, You are Innovators!
  5. Blockchain - Ledger - Transactions - Mememory Pool - Consensus - Smart Contract - Cryptography - Destributed P2P
  6. Okay, Ready to Run!
  7. 블록 생성이 중요한 이유? 블록이 생성되지 않는다 -> 돈을 보낼수 없다 -> 가치가 0으로 수렴한다. 체인이 멈췄을때 트위터에서 RIP를 보내는 이유
  8. Show must go on, For the community. Validator
  9. Make & Propagate blocks & Verify Tx Node Node Node A->B:100 Node Node Node wallet Update wallet Update Update A->B:100 C->D:50 wallet C->D:50 A->B:100 C->D:50
  10. Technical Issues 1. DDos - Sentry Node 2. Spam tx - Mempool Gas Threshold 3. OOM process kill - Fail over 4. Sync - Permanent peer 5. Key Management - Key Rotate
  11. Economical Issues 1. Block Reward & Tx Fee 2. Token Inflation 3. Governance 4. MEV Support
  12. Each chain, Each Validator
  13. Messenger - We know tech and history 졸업 탈블 가격 검증 인 시간
  14. Infra for Infrastructure We use services.
  15. How can we make web3 services
  16. 16 One-stop solution for layers Completing the puzzle/ A look at the bigger picture
  17. Dashboard page Product – All That Node (Node as a Service) • Most comprehensive multi-chain node platform • Provides both public and private nodes (RPC, Archive, Full, and Seed) with up to 10,000 free API calls/ day • Includes faucets– a supply of free tokens from multiple mainnets and testnets • Currently supports 23 protocols and processes 800 requests/ second, 100M requests/ day Our all-in-one node platform for Web3 builders All That Node (beta version) Detailed protocol metrics Overview 17 Link here
  18. A user-friendly, multi-chain wallet for all your assets • Built for retail users and developers alike • 1 mnemonic, Multi-chain Account • Features DSRV’s Universal Provider for optimized dApp building Product – Welldone Wallet Overview What’s next • Internal-testing in July 2022 • 7 protocols and 2 bridge systems to be supported, with more protocols added monthly 18 Welldone Wallet for users and developers
  19. Providing blockchain data analytics for on-chain data users and development teams Explorer / Source code verification • Collection and analysis of on-chain blockchain data • Smart contract source code verification Product – Sonar (Blockchain Data Analytics) Overview What’s next • Block explorers for Cosmos Osmosis (mainnet and testnet) to be released by Q3 2022 • New features, i.e. Source code verification, to be added from Q4 2022 • Other networks, like ETH2, to be supported shortly 19
  20. Our multi-chain development tool for building smart contracts Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Remix Plugin for developers • Welldone Code is a multi-chain IDE (integrated development environment) • Integrated with our wallet, Welldone Code improves user experience for Web3 developers • Includes detailed developer’s documents and a Welldone Code plugin Product – Welldone Code Overview What’s next • Launch in Q3 2022, starting with Near protocol • Solana and CosmWasm to be supported from Q4 2022 20
  21. 인프라 인프라 스트럭쳐 산업 Mass Adoption으로 가는 길목을 담당하는 산업 Web3 teams building without proper infrastructure or support Building with DSRV products
  22. Web3 Infrastructure Map And DSRV is well-positioned to lead Asia. 22
  23. 산업 동향-1 Coinbase, Bison Trails 인수 (약 $500M, 상장전 지분 스왑, 상장 후 $4.5B 가치) 21.01.02 Alchemy $80M 투자유치 $505M 가치 21.04.29 Jump Trading, Certus One 인수 Figment Network $50M 투자유치, from Galaxy Digital 21.06.09 21.08.17 Block Daemon $155M 투자유치 from Softbank 21.09.23 Block Daemon $28M 투자유치 from Goldman Sachs 21.08.4
  24. 산업 동향 -2 Consensys 투자유치, $3B 가치 from JP morgan 21.10.10 Quick Node $35M 투자유치 21.10.28 21.10.28 Alchemy $250M 투자유치 from A16z
  25. 35 $1B 50
  26. Future of Web3 Infrastructure Leading big movement of Internet Industry
  27. We are Sherpa!