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Combining the power of Teradata and Tableau

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Presentation held by Geert Janssen, Demand & Capability manager at Vodafone The Netherlands 2. desember in Oslo.

Vodafone The Netherlands (VF NL) has been a long time Teradata user, with SAP Business Objects as the front end tool for reporting & analysis. However, the BI department was struggling to meet up with demand from the business for more interactive and intuitive BI. To cover this need, VF NL recently implemented Tableau as a new BI tool for Data discovery & Visualisation. In this presentation, you will learn
- Why VF NL chose Tableau
- How VF NL is using Tableau together with the Teradata datawarehouse
- How VF NL is using Tableau and Teradata to make the right business decisions

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Combining the power of Teradata and Tableau

  1. 1. Combining the power of Tableau and Teradata 2/Dec/2013 / Geert Janssen geert.janssen@vodafone.com
  2. 2. Topics 1. Background information 2. Choosing a Data Discovery & Visualisation tool 3. Combining Tableau and Teradata 4. Using Tableau to make the right Business decisions
  3. 3. Background information
  4. 4. About me… Geert Janssen • BI Demand/Capability Manager at Vodafone NL • Working for Vodafone since 2006 in various BI jobs Some Facts & Figures about Vodafone NL • Part of Vodafone Group Plc, one of the largest Telco’s in the world • 5,3 Million connections in NL • 2800 Employees (mainly at Amsterdam and Maastricht offices) • 111 Vodafone Shops, 148 BelCompany shops • Revenues/Turnover FY13: 1,873 Billion Euro
  5. 5. Vodafone NL BI Model
  6. 6. Choosing a Data Discovery & Visualisation tool
  7. 7. Why we needed a Data Discovery & Visualisation tool Growing demand from business end users for interactive and visual data exploration, but: • Current BI tools did not have sufficient functionality • Current BI tools were not user friendly • Result: increasing workload for BI teams, delivered reports triggered new requests etc. Reason: we were not answering the real underlying question:
  8. 8. What do I need to do to improve my business? Insert Confidentiality Level on title master
  9. 9. Target group Data Discovery/Visualization is not for everyone. It’s mainly aimed at Business users - With analytical skills - With an interest to further explore and analyze data - Without BI knowledge Possible jobs/roles that can benefit from Data Discovery: • Business managers • Business analysts • Process managers • Marketeers • Sales managers • Controllers
  10. 10. High level requirements for a data explorer tool • The tool has to be able to process large amounts of data quickly • The tool has to be able to run on existing BI infrastructure (including live connection to EDW) • The tool should be able to retrieve and combine data from different sources • The tool has a user friendly, intuitively designed interface • The tool has user friendly filtering, downdrilling and slicing/dicing functionalities • The tool has an abundance of easy to use visualization functionalities • The tool can be used to create interactive dashboards • Dashboards and analysis can be saved, shared and scheduled to be refreshed • The tool has an export functionality (Excel, CSV, Picture etc.) • The tool must be able to run on tablets (Mobile BI)
  11. 11. Vodafone chose Tableau as the best tool What we liked about Tableau: • Implementation speed • User interface • Great performance with huge datasets • Excellent online learning & training material (free) • Strong Visualisation functions • Excellent customer support Currently 20 Desktop licenses and >100 server interactors
  12. 12. Combining Tableau and Teradata
  13. 13. Connecting Tableau to Teradata (or any other source) Native Teradata connector: • Optimized connection • Drag & Drop querybuilder or custom SQL
  14. 14. Importing data vs live connection • Importing data (extract) used for large datasets • Great performance, even with modest hardware • Extracts can be scheduled on server • Extracts on server can be shared
  15. 15. Using Tableau to make the right Business decisions
  16. 16. Use case 1: 4G Network rollout planning • Plotted revenue per network cell on map • Identified high value area’s • Used this information for rollout planning of 4G
  17. 17. Thank you