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How CEOs Can Be Great Marketers

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How CEOs Can Be Great Marketers

  1. How CEOs Can Be Great Marketers http://bit.ly/ceomarketers Rand Fishkin | @randfish | Linklove 2013, London
  2. Let’s Talk About the CEO’s Job.
  3. Set the Mission, Vision & Strategy Where are we going? How are we going to get there? Why will this set us apart?
  4. Live, Breathe, & Spread the Core Values You can probably tell that one of Moz’s core values is Fun.
  5. Hire & Manage the Executive Team Holiday party shenanigans with 4/5 of Moz’s exec team members.
  6. Ensure the Business is Properly Capitalized Reaction from Will & Richard after I announced our $18mm funding in April 2012: http://goo.gl/BTUhX
  7. Allocate the Company’s Resources At Moz, we spend ~$750K/month on servers and ~$700/month on cupcakes. Both are critical to operations.
  8. Be the Brand’s Chief Evangelist When evangelizing in the UK, I strongly suggest embracing their moustaches and bumbershoots.
  9. Why Should the CEO Do Marketing Themselves?
  10. No One Else Will Ever Know the Business As Well Via Mindjet & Jess3: http://goo.gl/elqw1
  11. No One Else Has the CEO’s Reach or Coverage Via Fresh Web Explorer: http://goo.gl/rJTgx
  12. No One Else Has the CEO’s Authority Google’s Larry Page shut down numerous internal businesses w/ $10mm+ in revenue & high growth to focus resources
  13. Much of What Makes Leaders Great Also Makes Them Great Marketers Via the White House Flickr Feed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse/8191317327/ - Inbound marketing in action!
  14. The 3 Kinds of Great CEO Marketers
  15. The Richard Branson Branson markets through celebrity, intelligent use of press, and a willingness to adopt new media (blog, Twitter, etc).
  16. Ben Huh helps Cheezburger earn massive amounts of press & brand awareness. Ben Huh on not fearing the press: http://benhuh.org/don-t-fear-the-press And my reply: http://bit.ly/I7DX3z
  17. The Danielle Morrill Danielle is CEO/Founder of Referly, and an active blogger/social user: http://www.daniellemorrill.com/
  18. Smart. Authentic. Adds value. Good marketing, too. HN Comment from Ray Grieselhuber of Ginza Metrics: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5236837
  19. The Jeremy Stoppelman Jeremy is personally passionate about SEO. Some notes on Yelp’s SEO success: http://goo.gl/NnJ3h
  20. Betabrand rocks e-commerce marketing, from naming conventions to SEO, to some of the best product detail pages on the web. Chris Lindland of http://betabrand.com is quiet on the blog/social front, but knows exactly how to make inbound marketing work together, e.g. http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/profiting-hoodiegate-140898
  21. What If I Can’t Be That CEO? (or can’t convince my CEO to adopt these recommendations?)
  22. Option #1: Delegate to an Internal Marketing Leader Hilary Mason of Bit.ly: http://www.hilarymason.com/about/
  23. Option #2: Rely on Your Product, Your Persona, and/or Your Paid Marketing to Take You Viral. Priceline hasn’t (historically) invested in strategic inbound marketing, yet benefits from great viral reach.
  24. Option #3: Accept that Inbound Marketing (SEO, social, content, etc) Won’t Be a Competitive Advantage It’s OK to intentionally make inbound a weakness. It’s not OK to pretend it’s a strength if it’s not.
  25. 10 Tactical Tips for CEOs Engaging in Inbound Marketing* * I would strongly urge CEOs not to engage in any other kind of marketing, mostly because these others do not scale as well, nor do they leverage the unique advantages CEOs possess.
  26. #1: Understand & Evangelize How Your Funnel Works This dynamic funnel is visible to everyone at Moz via a dynamic web interface.
  27. #2: Be a Proactive Industry Contributor Matt Blumberg of http://returnpath.com sits on the DMA’s board, & contributes to industry publications.
  28. #3: Leverage the Press Wisely Create press-worthy news: http://www.fullcontact.com/2012/07/10/paid-paid-vacation/ then be accessible.
  29. #4: Empower Your Marketing Team w/ Devs Casey Devin Jake Moz has an “inbound engineering” team that focuses exclusively on marketing-related development
  30. #5: Get Good at One or More Forms of Content Delegating most of these is fine. But you have to find at least one that fits your strengths.
  31. #6: Recognize Marketing Accomplishments the Way You Do Product, Engineering, and Financial Milestones Recognition is an incredibly powerful way CEOs drive action & show what matters to the culture.
  32. #7: Optimize Your Online Bio (& Update It, Too) Your bio gives you full control over links & anchor text. Keep it useful & updated, and provide it to whomever needs it (events, charities, interviewers, etc).
  33. #8: CEOs Amass Favors. Ask for Links & Shares!! 100s of people I connect with ask me how/if they can “repay the favor.” Other CEOs get this, too.
  34. #9: Leverage Your Contacts to Amplify Messages You can/should do this manually through email, but Wonk makes it easy to export & search your followers for those who can help.
  35. #10: Embrace Authenticity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEtAfAa67TY
  36. Download the slides: http://bit.ly/ceomarketers Rand Fishkin | @randfish | Linklove 2013, London