tdm pharmacokinetics role of pharmacist dose adjustment dose drug metabolism drug interactions tuberculosis proteins fats carbohydrates vitamins micronutrients macronutrients intervention clinical obese pharmacovigilance adr hepatic diseases peritoneal dialysis population pharmacokinetics renal impairment drug targets genetics correlation factors considered in individualization individualization seizure disorders carbamazepine organ transplantation cyclosporine lithium psychiatric illness process of tdm digoxin protocol therapeutic drug monitoring dosing interval metabolism induction inhibition interactions elderly dosing in elderly dosage regimen clinical pharmacokinetics reference background aim introduction method study objective designing writing trachoma filariasis polio malaria syphilis mers sars covid-19 aids hiv stds surface infection arthropod borne disease intestinal infection infections respiratory diseases adr assessment naranjo scale who scale causality assessment disc diffusion method broth macrodilution method antibiotic susceptibility test ast microbiological tests hookworm infestation amoebiasis acute diarrheal disease cholera typhoid poliomyelitis diphtheria influenza whooping cough chicken pox aims of epidemiology quarantine isolation pandemic endemic epidemic epidemiology staining of bacteria isolation of bacteria protozoa algae fungi virus bacteria classification of bacteria microbiology food adulteration food interactions food supplements malnutrition excreta disposal water purification air borne diseases water borne diseases water pollution air pollution passive immunity active immunity examples of types of immunity types of immunity immunity types of vaccines vaccines psychosocial psychosocial pharmacy mother and child health breast feeding food nutrition temporary methods permanent methods family planning methods family planning demographic cycle demography national urban health mission national rural health mission national health mission fip sdg mdg fip development goals sustainable development goals millenium development goals national health policy health indicators determinants of health dimension of health health scope of social pharmacy public health social pharmacy post approval clinical trial pre clinical gcp good clinical practices pharmacovigilance planning post approval expedited report psur icsr reporting expedited ich targeted clinical investigations stimulated reporting comparative observational methods passive surveillance active surveillance spontaneous reporting case control studies cohort study monitoring of adrs detection of adr mechanism of adrs classification of adrs adverse event side effects adverse drug reactions pharmacovigilance of india who international drug monitoring programme history and development of pharmacovigilance prevention of adr preventability predictability seriousness of adr severity of adr management of adr reporting adr general pharmacokinetics consideration traditional approach adaptive method analysis of population pharmacokinetic data bayesian probability bayesian theory extraction ratio pharmacokinetic changes in hepatic disease haemoperfusion haemodialysis extracorporeal removal of drugs dose and pharmacological effect pharmacodynamic model pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic correlation drug receptors drug transporters genetic polymorphism pharmacogenetics disease states gender age individualization of drug dosage regimen seizure disorders tdm tdm of carbamazepine tdm of cylosporine tdm of lithium pschiatric drugs cardiovascular drugs tdm cardiovascular tdm tdm of digoxin narrow therapeutics index drugs induction of drug metabolism inhibtion of drug metabolism interactions examples dosing in obese patients obese patients pharmacokinetics in elderly paediatrics child dose dosing in children children determination of dosing interval detmination of dose interval designing regimen designing dosage regimen pharm. d study design steps in due due cycle aims of due definition of due dur due interview steps in medication history interview medication history strategies steps for patient counselling goas barriers patient counselling followup indian scenario types of ward round participation ward round clinical progress pharmacists daily activities adrs pharmacist intervention medication chart review medication review scope scope of clinical pharmacy india history of clinical pharmacy definition clinical pharmacy pharmacokinetics in obese dosing in obese obesity factors considered in obese patient reporting of adr management process drug related problems drp pharmaceutical care prescribing error ncc-merp ashp error pugh score hemofiltration hemoperfusión drug removal hemodialysis nonmem two stage approach traditional bayesian uraemia transporter cyp450 polymorphism relationships drug dosage regimen tdm process cardiovascular drugs determination factors considered in elderly dosing factors affecting dosing in childrens dosing in childrens childrens design of dosage regimen alzheimer
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