geometrical optics oblige muscles recti muscles levator palpebrae superioris superior rectus infe extra ocular muscles visual fields contrast sensitivity steriopsis binocular vision refractive error visual tracking color sensitivity vision development of eye and vision at different ages tests for stereopsis tests for fusion: test for suppression test for retinal correspondence bagolini's striated glasses test worth's 4 dot tes suppression diplopia and confusion retinal correspondence binocular single vision binocular single vision tests grades of binocular single vision vergences (disjunctive eye movements hering’s law of equal innervation sherrington’s law of reciprocal innervation monocular eye movements (ductions & torsions) extra ocular muscles actions ocular movements diagnostic positions of gazes cardinal positions of gaze listing’s law fick’s axes extra ocular muscles physiology blood supply of extra ocular muscles nerve supply of extra ocular muscles extraocular muscles motor units spiral of tillaux annulus of zinn extra ocular muscles insertion extra ocular muscles origin extra ocular muscles anatomy driving and vision thermal hazards sports hazards penetrating injuries ocular hazards mechanical hazards household hazards electrical hazards chemical burns blunt injuries alkali burns radiations laser eye damage occupational eye illness occupational hazards occupational eye exam occupational diseases occupational health occupational eye disorders occupational optomery colour vision low vision age related ocular diseases retina lens effect of age on cornea visual function paraxial rays optical interface optical center optical axis principal planes principal points focal planes focal points nodal points cardinal points light laws of refraction laws of reflection curved surfaces plane surfaces pin hole reflection refraction rays optics optics optometry eye protection in sports eye protection at work where eye protection is needed eye protection at home protective eye wears eye protection primary eye care
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