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  1. 1. Research Men's Fashion Magazines
  2. 2. GQ is a men's fashion magazine is arguably the most recognized men's fashion magazine. It follows the norm and traditional conventions with its design having their logo on the top corner with a model/celebrity taking up the majority of the cover with a masthead and cover lines. Sticking with the same typeface throughout. This is also reflected in the design of the website showing the synergy between the two publications.
  3. 3. Men’s health not necessarily a men’s fashion magazine but still it is a magazine designed and aimed at men. Consisting of fashion tips, health tips and sport etc. again similarly to GQ it has synergy with its website keep the same conventions and format in both publications. This is a good way to show and promote their brand identity
  4. 4. MFM (men’s fashion magazine) is an online magazine but set out as if it were a real magazine with an interactive option allowing you to flick through the pages as if it were a tangible product. However MFM does still have a ‘normal’ website also and again keeping in check with the previous magazines both products are extremely similar.
  5. 5. The New York Times Men’s Vogue Men’s fashion I found these three publications whilst doing my initial research it quickly became apparent that they do not have a website and are just print based I though I would include them in my research as they have been bale to give me some good ideas on how most layouts and formats work.