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Teachers' Guide to Quizlet

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Teachers, get started with Quizlet in 10 steps.

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Teachers' Guide to Quizlet

  1. 1. For Teachers
  2. 2. Sign Up for a Free Account• Go to Quizlet.com• Click on “Sign Up”• Fill out the form• Done!
  3. 3. Make 1 set of Flashcards.Use 6 different Study Modes.Flashcard * Speller * Learn * Test Scatter * Space Race
  4. 4. Title SubjectClassLanguages Terms + Definitions Create Set
  5. 5. Complete control over your set Can they discuss?Who can see your set? Who can edit your set?
  6. 6. Share sets with your studentsEmail the URL at the top of the page
  7. 7. Set up your Class as a Group Everything your students need in one place
  8. 8. Your Class on QuizletCourse Description
  9. 9. Complete Control Over your Group Who can join?What can they do? Create Group!
  10. 10. Add sets you created (or marked as a favorite)
  11. 11. Invite your students to joinEnter Email SendAddresses Invites
  12. 12. You’re finished setting up your class on Quizlet! Questions? Visit our FAQs, Video Tutorials, and Feedback Center. We’re always happy to help! Quizlet.com/feedback