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How to Land a PM Job That Suits You by DAZN Sr Recruiter

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Main Takeaways:
- How not to waste time on applying to the wrong jobs
- How to focus on the right traits when preparing CV, interviewing
- How to ask the right questions on the interview itself

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How to Land a PM Job That Suits You by DAZN Sr Recruiter

  1. 1. www.pro u ts hool. om How to Land a PM Job That Suits You by DAZN Sr Recruiter
  2. 2. Your Product Management Certificate Path Pro u t L rship C rtifi t ™ Full St k Pro u t M n g m nt C rtifi t ™ Pro u t M n g m nt C rtifi t ™ 20 HOURS40 HOURS40 HOURS
  3. 3. Corporate Training
  4. 4. Free Product Management Resources BOOKS EVENTS JOB PORTAL COMMUNITIES it.ly/pro u t_r sour s COURSES
  5. 5. HOW to land a PM job that suit YOU Kasia Paczynska Senior Recruiter
  6. 6. Shortly about me: Senior recruiter 8 years in IT industry Past: GOG.com, TomTom, Now: DAZN After work: motorbikes, hiking, travels
  7. 7. What I will talk about How to select the right jobs you should apply to How to tweak your CV in the right direction How to ask the right questions, when interviewing
  8. 8. What I will NOT talk about How always succeed in interviews How to design your CV How to anwser interviewing questions
  9. 9. First – what’s up with those titles? • Product Manager • Product Owner • Senior Product Manager • Business Analyst • Technical Product Manager • Strategic Product Manager
  10. 10. It’s not the title that matters, it’s the CONTENT Day to day, PMs must understand both business strategy and execution. They must first figure out who the customers are and what problems the customers have. They must know how to set a vision, finding the right opportunities in a sea of possibilities, by using both data and intuition. […] They must know how to work with engineers and designers to get the right product built, keeping it as simple as possible. They must know how to work with marketing to explain to the customer how the product fills the customer’s need better than a competitor’s product. The Product Book (2nd edition) Josh Anon, Carlos Gonzales de Villaumbrosia
  11. 11. Decide where you want to apply
  12. 12. Keywords:
 data expert
 monitor, analyze, visualize data
 great opportunity to develop product management skills

  13. 13. Keywords: Analyse customer on- products behaviours Write user stories and acceptance criteria Coach other team members to run their own data queries
  14. 14. Keywords: SQL Looker, Tableau A/B testing Product management
  15. 15. Keywords: Customer Growth Senior Product Manager Cross functional
  16. 16. Keywords: Billing and subscriptions Payments
  17. 17. Keywords: Experience as product manager Data A/B testing and MVT Proven experience influencing engineering teams
  18. 18. CV
  19. 19. Keywords • SQL • Looker Tableau • A/B testing • Product management Your acheivements in those areas
  20. 20. Two – way - street • Culture, values, mission • Career progression • Project • Feedback on your application • The challenge • The goal
  21. 21. Summary ✓Content ✓Keywords ✓CV ✓Questions
  22. 22. Thank you
  23. 23. www.pro u ts hool. om Part-time Product Management Training Courses and Corporate Training