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Welcome To Pro Asbestos Removal Perth

In this doc, we have covered our company information, about our services, our service areas etc.

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Welcome To Pro Asbestos Removal Perth

  1. 1. Introduction You are all aware that inhaling asbestos fibers results to health illnesses. Asbestos that is intact does not cause any health issue at all. If the asbestos breaks, fibers from the material are sent into the air and this is the cause of individual sickness. It is good to consider all other alternatives before considering asbestos removal, because toxic asbestos dust will get into the air if not done correctly. Pro Asbestos Removal Perth have 10 year in delivering these services, we have experience to handle all type of asbestos material to offer you with quality asbestos removal services. We have well trained and qualified staffs who are fully licensed to do this task. We also provide our clients with fast and affordable quotes to enable them save on money and time. To our client we guarantee them maximum satisfaction of our work therefore with your task in our handle be sure that it will be done in an effective and safer way.
  2. 2. Our services: • Asbestos Removals Removing asbestos is always a challenging job that need a professional. A lot of precautions need be taken, like workers properly wearing and protection from inhaling harmful fibers. The removal will go on in a better and in a safer manner if the damaged asbestos is damp. Keeping fibers from possibility of being inhaled is our primary concern. • Asbestos Testing Our assessors that execute asbestos testing in Perth is all uniquely trained in the best and most effective ways to spot possible locations of asbestos. It really is not a job just anyone can perform, especially because the material is often hidden in out-of- view locations. • Asbestos Disposal In this stage of Asbestos Waste Disposal process, our personnel undertaking the removal put on personal defensive gear and carries all tools within the work area. This is carried out to restrict exits from the area once the material is disrupted. These measures are put in place to protect the health of our workers and the people around. • Asbestos Site Demolition You will also be secure in knowing that you've employed a firm that have numerous years of experience in the building industry, and keep to the needed safety and health polices set out by the industry. Our demolition service provider uses the
  3. 3. proper equipment to get ready the location whether cellar excavation or grading is necessary. ASBESTOS REMOVAL LICENSES Asbestos removal licenses focus to shield specialists from asbestos exposure and uphold safe removal practices to protect building occupants and others at the workplace. Pro Asbestos Removal Perth bides by the rule by have both two licenses required by Local Government to carry out asbestos Removal services Two licenses cover the different levels of risk involved in asbestos removal work: 1. Asbestos removal license - class A (unlimited) 2. Asbestos removal license - class B (limited)
  4. 4. Our Service Location • CBD • Central • Inner City Suburbs • Joondalup • Mandurah • Fremante Conclusion However, many people may find it difficult to follow the proper procedure of asbestos removal or to find a licensed asbestos disposal facility, it is highly recommended that you call a licensed asbestos removal. You all know that asbestos cause potential health concerns, but with proper handling and the help of our licensed experts, you don't have to worry about dealing with all those fibres and dusts.
  5. 5. Resource: https://www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/injury-prevention-safety/asbestos/asbestos- removal-and-licensing/asbestos