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Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance in India

Personal accident insurance plans help you to feel safe and secure against any accidental death & disability.Some accidental policies also provides protection to the policyholder from the financial problems.

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Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance in India

  1. 1. Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance in India
  2. 2. Two Type of Personal Accident Insurance  Individual Accident Policy  Group Accident Policy
  3. 3. The Benefits of Accident Insurance Plan in India  Child Education Benefit  Low Premium  Without Medical Test  Easy and Certified Claim Procedure  Family Security  Customized Plan  Worldwide Coverage
  4. 4. Personal Accident Insurance Coverage  During pregnancy/childbirth  Any pre-existing disability or injury  Accidental death/injuries due to involvement in a war  Accidental death/injuries from illegal activities  Any self-harming acts  Use of any alternate medical treatments  Accidents resulting from drunk driving
  5. 5. Easy Claim  You need to inform the insurer within the time frame. After that you may get a reference number.  You need to submit following documents when intimation your insurance claim  Time and Date of Accident  Your Policy number  Your Contact Details  Location of Loss  Insured person’s Detail who is Injured
  6. 6. Thank You More Details About Personal Accident Insurance: http://www.policybazaar.com/health-insurance/personal- accident-insurance