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Causes of world poverty

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Causes of world poverty

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  3. 3. * *Most people accept that in the UK we live in a developed country. We have resources we needed to have a long life, a good standard of living, and a good quality of life those country's which is do not have resources to provide what is needed for a long life and good standard of living are called less developed or less economically developed countries (LEDs).
  4. 4. * *Earthquakes are the deadliest of all natural disasters. Most deaths are caused by collapsing buildings or fires. * Several million earthquakes occur in the world each year. However, many of these are undetected because they occur in remote areas or are very weak. On average, there are 18 major earthquakes and one great earthquake each year.
  5. 5. * *Flooding is the world’s most expensive type of natural disaster. The cost of global flood damage is hundreds of billions of euros. The Pakistan floods of July 2010 alone caused more than €7 billion euros of damage. * Floods can occur in coastal areas or close to rivers. When huge sheets of water cover low-lying areas, they can cause immense damage to property and threaten lives.
  6. 6. * *At least 500 million people live close to an active volcano. When an eruption occurs, nearby areas may be covered with ash and red- hot lava. Fields and buildings may be buried. Poisonous gases, clouds of glowing ash or mud flows may kill everyone in their path. Fortunately, satellites are now helping to identify the most dangerous volcanoes.