preclinical studies and its methods types of screening introduction of general principles of preclinical rotarod method grip strength chimny test inclined plane method combined open field test hole board test open field test method of intermittent observation applicatons nuclear transfer method artificial chromosome mediated gene transfer testis cell transplantation method cre-lox recombination technique embryonic stem cell mediated gene transfer retrovirus mediated gene transfer dna microinjection method production reasons for transgenic animals definitions mice hamster guinea pig rabbit rat common laboratory animals tirofiban eptifibatide abciximab gp 2b/3a antagonist prasugrel p2y12 recep. blockers { adp antagonist} ticlodipine dipyridamole aspirin classification platelet aggregation introduction local lymph node assay test buehler skin sentization gpm test acute eye irritation &amp oecd guidelines no 425 oecd guidelines no 423 oecd guidelines no 420 oecd guidelines no: 401 oecd guidelines descriptive toxicology regulatory toxicology mechanistic toxicology general toxiciology toxicology prolactin growth hormone anterior & posterior pituitary hormones pituitary gland targeted gene mutation tarheted inhibition of gene expression targeted killing of specific cells gat target sites for gene therapy approches to gene therapy somatic & germ line gene therapy in vivo gene therapy ex vivo gene therapy methods of gene therapy native page sds page gel electrophoresis molecular ria cloning rt pcr immunostaining western blotting
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