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17 00 distil rami

  1. 1. Web Scrapers and Your Property Portal: High Risk Lessons
  2. 2. Speaker Rami Essaid CEO Distil Networks
  3. 3. Awards and Analyst Recognition “Distil’s ability to analyze behavior provides the best chance of detecting and blocking bot-driven attacks.” 5 Stars across the board.“ Verdict: For monitoring the impact of bots on a network this is the tool one needs.” The only anti-bot solution to be included in Gartner’s Online Fraud Detection Market Guide Ovum puts Distil Networks On The Radar. “Clear innovation compared to similar services.”
  4. 4. Fortune 500 & Alexa Global 10,000 Customers Ecommerce Travel Publishers Directories Traditional Media Marketplace Services
  5. 5. Distil Protects Over 50 RE Portals Globally!
  6. 6. Protecting Your Data Enhancing Your Data Cleaning-Up Your Data
  7. 7. Protecting Your Data A Brief Intro to Bots and Web Scraping
  8. 8. What Is Web Scraping? Web Scraping Also known as screen scraping, web scraping is the act of copying large amounts of data from a website – either manually or with an automated program. Legitimate Scraping Scraping can sometimes be benevolent and totally acceptable. For example, the search engine bots that index your website Malicious Scraping A systematic theft of intellectual property accessible on a website, including pricing, content, images, and proprietary data
  9. 9. Who is behind Web Scraping? Competitors Content Theft Competitive Intel Price Scraping Aggregators Start-ups Unauthorized Middlemen Hackers Content for Fake Pages Search Engines Google Bing Yahoo Baidu
  10. 10. Bad Bots Cause the Majority of Website Problems
  11. 11. In 2015 the most targeted verticals were digital publishing and real estate. Real Estate sites saw a 300% increase in bad bot traffic! Traffic by Type of Site, 2014 vs 2015
  12. 12. Bad Web Scraping Web scraping is the act of taking content from a website with the intent of using it for purposes outside the direct control of the site owner. It can be used to ○ Steal intellectual property ○ Gain competitive advantage ○ Create aggregation or meta-sites ○ Perform market research ○ Damage SEO rankings
  13. 13. Alexa – monitor traffic levels SE Ranking – track search rankings InfiniGraph – watch social media trends Open Site Explorer – monitor backlinks SpyFu – view advertising keywords
  14. 14. Moat – find where ads are running iSpionage – organic search keywords Compete PRO – get demographic info Quantcast – view audience insights SpyOnWeb – see behind the curtain
  15. 15. Cheap scraping software Inexpensive cloud computing resources Botnet-as-a-Service What is Contributing to the Growth in Web Scraping?
  16. 16. Freelancer.com Rates Scraping three real estate sites Data Manipulation (de-duping, etc.) Importing into new software Average Cost - $130 USD The Going Rate for Scraping Less than $130/day
  17. 17. Posting Stolen Data is Quick and Easy due to Turnkey Platforms Real Estate Portal Platforms start at $299
  18. 18. Scraped Data $130 The Cost of Replicating your Website Classified Ad Website $299 $429
  19. 19. Bottom Line Scrapers scrape because they are making money with your listings! And the Real Estate industry is left with... Higher Costs Lost Revenues Why Bots / Scraping is a Problem in Real Estate
  20. 20. Case Study
  21. 21. Enhancing Your Data
  22. 22. Delivering a Clear Picture of Your Web Traffic Low Resolution Fingerprint “Unactionable” Hi-Def Fingerprint “Actionable”
  23. 23. Hi-Def Fingerprinting Eliminates Blind Defense IP Address Header & User Agent Information Cookie Browser 200+ Attributes of data Navigator, WebGL, Plugins, Audio, Video, etc. Tamper proofing layer Hi-Def Fingerprint
  24. 24. That Majority of Bad Bots Now Use Multiple IP Addresses Bots which dynamically rotate IP addresses, or distribute attacks are significantly harder to detect and mitigate
  25. 25. Sticky Bot Tracking With No Impact On Real Users Device Fingerprinting Fingerprints stick to the bot even if it attempts to reconnect from random IP addresses or hide behind an anonymous proxy or peer-to-peer network Tracks distributed attacks that would normally fly under the radar Without Distil With Distil Without Impacting Users Sharing the Same IP Avoids blocking residential users or organizations that might share the same NAT as the bot or botnet
  26. 26. Case Study
  27. 27. Cleaning-Up Your Data
  28. 28. In 2015 the most targeted verticals were digital publishing and real estate. Real Estate sites saw a 300% increase in bad bot traffic! Traffic by Type of Site, 2014 vs 2015
  29. 29. Web scraping hurts your KPIs... Slowdowns, downtime, and poor user experiences Increase in costs (infrastructure and people) Distortion of web analytics Digital ad fraud, reputation and trust (bad leads) How Web Scrapers Impact KPIs
  30. 30. Majority of Bots are Advanced Persistent Bots (APBs) APBs have one or more of the following abilities: Advanced Mimick human behavior Load JavaScript Load external resources Support cookies Browser automation (Selenium, PhantomJS) Persistent Dynamic IP rotation Distribute attacks across IP addresses Hide behind anonymous and peer-to-peer proxies 2016 Distil Bad Bot Report
  31. 31. Loading Assets & Bots Mimicking Humans % of bots able to load external assets (e.g. JavaScript) % of bots able to mimic human behavior These bots will skew marketing tools such as (Google Analytics, A/B testing, conversion tracking, etc.) These bots will fly under the radar of most security tools
  32. 32. Bots Throw Off Analytics
  33. 33. Impressions and Clicks Remain the Biggest Targets Impressions (CPM/CPV) Clicks (CPC) Search $18.8B 86% digital spend Display $7.9B Video $3.5B Mobile $6.2B$6.2B Leads (CPL) Sales (CPA) Lead Gen $2.0B Other $5.0B • classifieds • sponsorship • rich media estimated fraud not at risk $42.5B $7B
  34. 34. Bots Don't Buy Houses
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. Case Study
  37. 37. The Only Easy and Accurate Way to Protect Web Applications from Bad Bots, API Abuse, and Fraud.
  38. 38. Detect and Distil Traffic
  39. 39. No Longer Blind Defense Complete Visibility into False Positives 17 million CAPTCHAs served 78 solved False Positive Rate = 0.00000458
  40. 40. www.distilnetworks.com/trial/ Offer Ends: October 30, 2016 Two Months of Free Service + Traffic Analysis
  41. 41. www.distilnetworks.com QUESTIONS….COMMENTS? I N F O @ D I S T I L N E T W O R K S . C O M 1.866.423.0606 OR CALL US ON