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  1. 1. Brand name: Blackberrys Brand logo: Brand Website: www.blackberrys.in Owner: Mohan Clothing Co. Pvt Ltd Country: India Introduced: 1991 Markets: India Category: Men’s wear Vision statement: A ceaseless endeavour to delight the fashion forward customer with great style and care teamed with speed and innovation.
  2. 2. BRAND OVERVIEW OF BUSINESS: Blackberrys is equipped with the latest technology of manufacturing in 3 factories. The 22000 sq. ft plant has been specially designed for the manufacturing of suits and jackets produce 1000 units per day and 1200 formal trousers and 1500 casual trousers per day. A true assembly line system of production with latest technology in computerized sleeve setters, automatic pocket welting machines, differential feed machines, and specialized press finishing to facilitate a very high level of consistent quality. Today Blackberrys can be accessed across India through about 900 plus retail outlets, 125 company owned showroom and all large format stores like shoppers stop, lifestyle etc.
  3. 3. RETAIL UNIT Store keeper’s name: Rohit store address: store no.137 ISCON MALL, S G hiway, Ahmedabad Gujrat. Store: Shoppers stop Store address: alpha mall,,Vastrapur Ahmedabad, gujrat. STP analysis of store: SEGMENTATION men’s wear, formal and casual clothing TARGETTING design conscious upper middle and upper class. POSITIONING updates to regular customers, long customer relationship services.
  5. 5. 4 P’s analysis PRODUCT- Blackberrys stand for innovations in product and have created a strong image of ‘Sharp Edged Clothing’. The brand has a high recall value and is perceived a premium clothing brand and has been documented in various trade surveys as ‘The Best FIT’. PLACE- Retail outlet in ISCON mall in metro city ahmedabad. PROMOTION- 1.Long customer relationship as they use to update customers with new merchandise by SMS and email alerts. 2. Special discount offers for regular customers in end of month sale. 3. Gift distribution to regular customers in festival time by courier at home address. 4. Online catalogues and style direction suggestion on official website. 5. Regular promotion by celebrities and advertisement. PRICE- Jacket- 5000 onwards. Trouser- 2000 onwards. They target the customers of upper middle and middle class.
  6. 6. Retail Assortment Strategies Retail outlet of Blackberrys in Ahmedabad follows Narrow & shallow assortment strategies i.e. Few categories & limited assortment in each product category. Optimal merchandise mix VARITY- At the retail unit their is only men’s wear category with 7 Product verities. Products are Jackets, Suits, Shirts, Trousers, Tie, Belt, wallet. BREADTH- Only category of men’s wear with Narrow & Shallow assortment. DEPTH- The average number of SKU’s within each product categories is 1500 with three different sizes occupying 30% of small, 40% medium and 30% large sizes. Acquisition Blackberrys brand has its own factories for product development and manufacturing. However raw material like fabric, trims etc are procured from domestic or around the world as best fitted.
  7. 7. Handling Blackberrys has its own manufacturing units so, they takes care of timely availability at specific locations in time when required. Having own factory makes them ensure for availability of required assortment at particular location within right time. Control Blackberrys has its own manufacturing so they utilises total production capacity to ensure the merchandise available in right time with right quantity. Store in ahmedabad of blackberrys is brand outlet of blackberrys so quantity is always maintained as they have backup stock of 1500 per design category and utilises over all space of the store. Range planning The store has good range of each individual product with backup stock of 1500 which almost gets one month to be sold. In any condition of merchandise shortage they available merchandise at the store within two days. Their are verities of the design within each product categories, for example if we take suits as a product then it is available in five to seven design variations with different colour shades.
  9. 9. Target customer demographics Focal points are Market size/growth pattern: Their is a huge market size opportunity as Ahmedabad is a metro city and brand focuses on upper middle and upper class as their customers. So their is good consumers opportunity market and will extend in future. Volume trend: Ahmedabad is a fashion forward metro city so their is a volume of customers who follows the trend and follow the queue of fashion updating. Consumer opportunities: Huge consumer opportunities as ahmedabad is a metro city and is economically forward. People of Ahmedabad are fashion forward and their is opportunity of extension of fashion conscious people in future. Target consumer: Huge target consumers as a huge number of upper middle and upper class customers.
  10. 10. Target fashion image Fashion image is calculated by the key terms Consumer needs- Brand focuses on the consumer groups who are design conscious and favours sharp edged clothing. Brand offers best fit to consumers. Brand attributes- Blackberrys offers great style and care teamed with speed and innovation and offers sharp edged clothing. Product attributes- Products of the Blackberry offers best fit, well finishing, best fabric material, colour and feel and innovations in product. Consumer profile- Brand focuses on youth men of upper middle and upper class who prefers the innovations and fit. Pricing- Pricing of the products are according to target customer group of upper middle and upper class. Pricing also categorises and restricts the customers identity and status. Competition- Blackberry is an Indian brand and basically focus on the Indian men as their target consumer. So, some way it is well advance and forward than other brands to satisfy the consumers need and fashion identity and style statement. Brand is also award winner for best men’s classic wear preferences by the customers.
  11. 11. Innovations Innovations of the product includes Product attributes- Great style, care teemed, speed and innovation, best fit and sharp edged clothing. Styling- sharp edged clothing with best fit. Added values- Brand attributes and fabric and other material in products of the brand. Communication Brand imagery- Imagery of the brand is developed as great style and care teamed with speed and innovation and offers sharp edged clothing. Building of relationship- They adds a customer as special member with purchasing of 5000 onwards and gives them a member card which offers discount on every purchase and is added to member card account. The card holders are given a special discount in end of month sale. Brand itself sends the gift to card holders in festivals. Customers are always given email and SMS alerts on arrival of new collection or in any sale offer. Education within the company- Store keepers, staffs and store managers are well trained for store management and customer relationship building.
  12. 12. Promotions- Brand offers trade shows, advertisements, website promotions, catalogues and press release. Retail presentation- Visual merchandising of the store is good as to attract the customers and make them to spend more and more time in the store so as they can make the selection of the product. They makes the customers easy access to the product so as they can judge and test the product. Market segmentation They approaches certain policy for market segmentation these are, Broad product market- This is the process of selection of target customers who prefers certain product categories. As main focus of the brand is innovation and sharp edged clothing so they targets the youth who are huge in numbers. List potential consumer needs- Designers of Blackberrys do regular surveys at the store and invites store keepers to share the demands of the customers and to help in the selection of the materials which is feasible at destined store locations. Research the attitudes and behaviour of each market segment- Merchandiser of the brand do regular survey of the market and stores for better market opportunity.
  13. 13. Identifying the consumer needs that drive the purchasing decision- Brand is more active in binding youths who prefers innovations and sharp edged clothing. Determine the approximate size of each market segment- Merchandiser of the brand regularly collects the information of the consumers and their preferences to the products and the amounts of the product are sold in the retail outlets. This information makes them to analyse their market size and their future consumer opportunities.
  14. 14. Market research Merchandisers of Blackberrys does regular research by the means of certain data collection. These are, Quantitative research- They are updated of calculation of right amount of the merchandise should be available at retail outlets. Qualitative research- Brand makes regular research and survey of the materials used in the product for better material selection of the products. Focus groups- They majorly focuses the youth men. Mall intercepts- They do regular mall interception for trend updates, customer preferences and innovations. Consumer panels- They takes regular suggestion of permanent consumers. Telephone surveys Point-of-sale data Corporate sales record Websites Trade shows Subscriptive services Merchandise quality levels
  15. 15. Merchandise quality level The brand decision for quality is serious concern for their target customer. The blackberrys brand name suggest good material quality, innovation and sharp edged clothing. Since labels don’t mean as much to the target customer as to, perhaps, a younger group of men, so the “quality” that the label the Blackberrys connotes provoke the target customer to spend a little bit more for their clothing preferences. Price point policy Men’s wear is one of the product which costs more because of the materials, construction, finishing and innovations as their is least possibilities of exploration in men’s wear. So, determining the price point is a key factor for selling of the product and determining the target customer. Blackberrys target youth men of upper middle class and upper class society so price range of the product is Suits- 5000 onwards Trouser- 2000 onwards These prices best targets a customer of upper middle class and upper class who prefers innovation and sharp edged clothing at that much lower prices.
  16. 16. Desired profit margin Profit margin of blackberrys is 25-300% of the final costing. Marketing approaches Blackberrys follows increased margin from higher markups which allow the brand more markdowns without completely destroying its overall margin. Therefore, a 10% markdown on product with a 70% markup still gives brand a 60 % ending margin. However this 10% margin is given to regular customers in end of month sale. So marketing approaches of brand is safe. Customer service labels In all Brand outlets at Blackberrys customer service levels had to increase. Merchandiser of blackberrys has concluded this by way of the overall company strategic plan. Since men typically do not like to shop, staff must develop and work their own client lists. To make this goal more attainable blackberrys planned to start maintaining customer purchase history for future marketing programs. Blackberrys also provides free alteration for best fit to customers.
  18. 18. What is merchandise exchange policy of the store? In any case of fitting, colour fading, material defects merchandise is exchanged within seven says of purchasing. Any kind of refund policy of the store? If, mention Any product is not refunded. Their is only merchandise exchange policy. Do you provide any kind of advance order policy? If yes, mention Yes, if any kind of merchandise is not available at the store or some different size is demanded by the customer then they take advance order. Any kind of extra service you provide by shop/store? Yes there is facility of alteration of product, presenting snacks and coffee, SMS & email alerts for sales and fresh merchandise arrival. Any kind of licence to sell products? Since store is a brand outlet so there is no licence for store. How do you apply sales tax and vat tax on the product? Sales tax and vat tax are included in the MRP of the product.
  19. 19. Do you have any gift voucher policy? Yes, they nominates some of the customers as special member of the store on the basis of their shopping from the retail outlet and sends gifts to the customers at their home address. For example in this dipawli brand has distributed a dipp of silver to every nominated customers. Do you provide any extra service, sale, benefit to your regular customers? Yes, their are many such facilities to special and regular customers of the brand. These are 1. Customers are given a special membership card in which they records the purchasing records of the customer and they gives them points on the basis of price points which is again converted into rupees and is added to the customer account balance. 2. Special members are invited for end of month sale which is arranged in last dates of months and customers are given additional discount of 10% or more.
  20. 20. Have you any fundraising policies? In any such cases company it self takes decesion. Any kind of beginning of month planning? Product stocks, monthly sale estimates, any sale proposals, total data analysis is done in beginning of the month.
  22. 22. Style 12345 Vendor Mohan Clothing Co. Pvt Ltd Division Trouser Mill Mohan Clothing Co. construction Pvt Ltd department Descripti Low-waist Fabric description 100% cotton on trouser Width 60’’ Colour Cherry black Date 15 January, 2013 Units 30000 pcs. Yardage 360000 Season Autumn-winter 2013.
  23. 23. Men’s clothing Manufacturer’s Merchandising calendar Seasons Autumn-winter 2013 Start finish Activity Responsibility 20jan,13 20jan,13 Preliminary meeting autumn2013 JL 5 feb,13 5 feb,13 Design and cut prototypes RT 20 feb,13 20 feb,13 Piece goods and line meeting JL 5 april,13 5 april,13 Review meeting of design and cut prototypes RT 7 april,13 19 april,13 Select models for photo shoots GK 12 april,13 25 april,13 Order piece goods for sales rep samples CW 21 april,13 22 april,13 Finalize line JL 23 april,13 23 april,13 Decide on advertising samples TW 24 april,13 29 april,13 Prepare all manufacturing and spec sheets RT 24 april,13 27 april,13 Fabric and trim tests RT 26 april,13 26 april,13 Authorised sales rep samples TW 28 april,13 28 april,13 Cut advertising samples SC/RT 30 april,13 12 may,13 Receives sales rep samples goods CW 30 april,13 30 april,13 Finalize all manufacturing and spec sheets RT 2 may,13 12 may,13 Initial sales forecast TW 6 may,13 12 may,13 Order production piece goods and trims CW 6 may,13 16 may,13 Cut sales rep samples SC/RT 10 may,13 16 may,13 Complete advertising samples SC/RT
  24. 24. 16 may,13 18 may,13 Photograph advertising samples GK 18 may,13 19 may,13 Product costing of old styles SC 20 may,13 22 may,13 Develop new yields SC 23 may,13 23 may,13 Product costing of new styles SC 24 may, 13 26 may,13 Price line KM 27 may,13 31 may,13 Complete sales rep samples SC/RT 27 may,13 31 may,13 Complete advertising materials GK 1 june,13 4 june,13 Keys customers view line and place advance order TW 5 june,13 6june,13 Sales meeting (line preview) TW 8 june,13 8 june,13 Second sales forecast TW 10june,13 13june,13 Supply project mix to manufacturing CW 14june,13 24 feb,13 Received first production goods CW 28 feb,13 18june,13 Advance sales orders TW 19 june,13 19 june,13 Project first cutting CW 20 june,13 30 june,13 Cutting SC 24 june,13 24 july,13 Manufacturing SC 18 july,13 28 july,13 Finished goods to inventory SC
  26. 26. RETAIL OUTLET AND VISUAL MERCHANDISING Outer look of the store Note- Photography in store was not allowed so the photographs shown are from other sources.
  27. 27. Outside merchandise display Note- Photography in store was not allowed so the photographs shown are from other sources.
  28. 28. Inside dummy display Note- Photography in store was not allowed so the photographs shown are from other sources.
  29. 29. Suits display Note- Photography in store was not allowed so the photographs shown are from other sources.
  30. 30. Shirts & Trouser display Note- Photography in store was not allowed so the photographs shown are from other sources.
  31. 31. Cash counter Note- Photography in store was not allowed so the photographs shown are from other sources.
  32. 32. Merchandise display Note- Photography in store was not allowed so the photographs shown are from other sources.
  33. 33. PROMOTIONS Stage show
  34. 34. Promotion by celebrities
  35. 35. Promotion by celebrities
  36. 36. ADVERTISEMENTS Banner display