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"What do you want your consumers to tell about you?" for Stad Antwerpen

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Talk on conversations and stuff worth sharing for local entrepreneurs in the Belgian city of Antwerp.

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"What do you want your consumers to tell about you?" for Stad Antwerpen

  1. 1. What it’s all about: What do you want your consumers to tell about you? How your company benefits from creating stuff worth sharing.© InSites Consulting Polle de Maagt for Stad Antwerpen Conversation readiness 1
  2. 2. Hello. I am Polle de Maagt.I create impact throughconversations at a pretty coolcompany called InSites Consulting.We work mostly because we’recommitted to take researchforward, but brands likeBen&Jerry’s, Telenet, Danone andPhilips agreed to pay us for it.
  3. 3. Managing expectations …I only have 45 minutes. Don’t expect me to do magic. Formagic (or more on conversation management and stuffworth sharing), send me an email at polle@insites.eu.
  4. 4. It’s not about being on Facebook. Or Twitter. Yes, Twitter is huge. And Facebook even bigger. But they are both platforms, not end goals. So it really is about if and how both can help you reach your end goal. Which is most likely not about having a Facebook fan page and more about driving conversations, customer retention, sales or brand value.© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 4
  5. 5. It’s not about being a big brand. With big brands come big problems. Never look for an excuse in just being a small company with little budgets. When it comes to connecting with consumers, real relationships work. And size, for once, doesn’t matter.© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 5
  6. 6. And it certainly isn’t about being the first mover in adopting new technology. Mobile, augmented reality, location based services are all just awesome. And yes, there is PR-value in being the first Augmented Reality bakery in your neighborhood. But is that really what you want your consumers to talk about?© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 6
  7. 7. Don’t get me wrong.Social media (and internet in general)have been amazing.We have some of the coolest things*ever* be built on top of this technology.Note: the following examples are all Belgian / Dutchexamples, no fancy out-of-reach and over-budgettedAmerican ones.
  8. 8. KLM commits random acts of kindnessKLM surprised random passengers in their effort to discover how happinessspreads. More at http://polle.me/gJhpSI
  9. 9. Kay Mook earned the Antwerp Zoo 300K extra visitors“What if every Belgian felt a bit pregnant too” was the start of a campaign thatalmost made her product of the year 2009. More at http://polle.me/ccjSNL
  10. 10. Ben & Jerry’s crowdsources their new icecream flavors.Via an online platform with brand fans. More at http://polle.me/ISC-BJPhoto by jason.dsilva
  11. 11. But it really isn’t abouttechnology.It is about driving meaningfulconversations and connecting with yourconsumers. About creating stories worthsharing and experiences worthparticipating.
  12. 12. Customer retention is cheaper than acquisition.Really.
  13. 13. Happy customers drive retention and conversations.Are you really committed to make your customers happy?
  14. 14. Happiness is about managing expectations.Under-promise. Over-deliver.Do more than customers expect, but don’t over-do it.
  15. 15. Conversations drive business.What do you trust most? Peer reviews.
  16. 16. 90% of conversations is done offline.Even these guys, the Belgian club of Young Online advertising Planners have aregular offline meetup. More at http://polle.me/i291Xz
  17. 17. Conversations are just a part of the consumer journey.Traditional advertising still works, past experience is really important and realinteractions are the dealmakers/dealbreakers.
  18. 18. Conversations travel through (social) channels.Nike launched a local store in Amsterdam, but capitalized on it via Facebook andTwitter. Even better, users started using Hyves to spread the word.
  19. 19. Part of conversations is owned, rest is paid or earned.Strangers, customers and fans. Paid, owned and earned. Only part of theinteractions are taking place on your own website.
  20. 20. 450.000+There will always be new technologies, stories stick.Both Antwerp and your store are just full of stories. Don’t get distracted bytechnologies, focus on the stories and make them easy to spread.
  21. 21. So, if it isn’t about technology and allabout conversations ...What can YOU do about that?
  22. 22. Manage expectations. Under-promise. Over-deliver.Do more than customers expect.
  23. 23. Start with observing and listening.There are simple tools to observe what consumers are doing. Viasearch.twitter.com or more advanced tools. But what about customer emails?
  24. 24. What do you want your consumers to tell about you?Is it about how cool your advertising was? Do you want them to talk aboutdeals? Or is it about something else?
  25. 25. Monetary value versus conversation value.What are your best customers? The ones that spend the most money or the onesthat bring in the most new customers? Plan for both.
  26. 26. Give your customers something to talk about.Ambassadors just want to tell other, so help them! Choqoa support fans by givingthem chocolate bars and highlighting them in their newsletter.
  27. 27. Use your ambassadors to promote your business.Think how you can make your customers talk about you.
  28. 28. Connect with your consumers and use them for reach.Think how you can make your customers talk about you.
  29. 29. Helping people helps.Exceeding customer expectations builds loyalty (81% repeats, 63% recommends)and falling below customer expectations erodes loyalty (5%/71%).
  30. 30. Create things worth sharing.Think about small things worth talking about.
  31. 31. Make it extra-easy to share or to subscribe.Make it easy to subscribe of share your content via twitter, Facebook or othersocial buttons. Example: http://polle.me/ij19j4
  32. 32. Measure.Measure views, clicks, but even more important: your return on investment.Extremely simple, but effective: the Net Promoter Score.
  33. 33. You can forget most of the sillythings I said today.But please, remember these 3 things.
  34. 34. 1) Conversations drive business. Companies that connect with their consumers perform better. So start the conversation.
  35. 35. 2) To drive conversations, exceed expectations and create stuff worth sharing. Don’t plan only for life time money value, but for life time conversation value.
  36. 36. 3) Start with observing, but start with simple ways to drive conversations. Start monitoring, start with pilots and learn while doing.
  37. 37. Read the manual.Seriously.Read it.
  38. 38. I hope I was worth sharing.Send me an email atpolle@insites.eu so I can help youremind of the 48 hours.Find the presentation athttp://polle.me/antwerpen