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Mardinnov - Ingenico - novembre 2012

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Présentation de l'entreprise Ingenico lors de la séance Mardinnov de novembre 2012

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Mardinnov - Ingenico - novembre 2012

  1. 1. IngenicoJM AubanelNovember 2012Ingenico R&D
  2. 2. Ingenico: a world leader in POS Terminals•Leading world installed base: >17 million POS worldwide•More than 4 million terminals sold in 2011•A diversified geographical presence•World market share: 38% N 1 in Europe N 1 in China N 1 in Asia & Australia N 1 in Brazil N 2 in North America•An international group First customer: Brazilian First nationality of employees: Chinese First country by revenue: Germany 2
  3. 3. …benefiting from an increasingly diversifiedcustomer base…•Major financial institutions &merchants are using our productsand solutions over the world(in >100 countries)•Supporting new entrants in thePayment ecosystem - Google, Paypal, ISIS, Apple•Operating services for more than350,000 merchant terminals•Supporting more than 250,000terminals on behalf of banks 3
  4. 4. Peer2Peer Advanced Shopping Experience Easy Shopping NFC receipt with PaperSave The customer easily manages his receipts and invoices using his NFC smart phone - A paperless payment receipt - A paperless merchand invoice NFC Coupon with CoffeePush The merchant optimizes his direct marketing campaigns using the customer’s NFC phone - Acquisition of a drink coupon - Redemption of the drink coupon 4
  5. 5. Couponing Experience Easy Wallet Payment cards in Google Wallet Google phones owners no longer need their wallet to pay @ Ingenico Terminals The pre-paid Google gift card (prepaid MasterCard) is embedded in the phone Coupon and Loyalty cards in Google Wallet Google phones owners no longer need their wallet to take advantage of their loyalty programsp @ Ingenico Terminals - In a single tap, the silver loyalty member pays and collects 1 Silver point per 1 € spending - Simply by paying with is phone, the Gold loyalty member receives 10% discount 5
  6. 6. iSMP Live in France New countries to be deployed in 2011Apple has decided in August 2011 to launch in all its stores in: - China - France (Paris, Montpellier, Lyon, Nice, …) - Canada - UK - Australia - Germany - ItalyUSA: Deployment planned in 2013 - Japan, … 6