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Stop The Presses | Patrick Collings 2009

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My presentations on digital strategy for brands are getting longer, so rather than upload the entire presentations I decided to upload self-contained sections. The first one, Stop The Presses, deals with the accelerated decline of the traditional newspaper / magazine model and the options open to newspapers / magazines and the implications for both types of publications as well as the brands that advertise in them. Like all of my presentation a talking head is required in front of many of the slides. I have tried to minimize the lack of a presenter by adding brief notes to several slides. Hopefully, viewers of the presentation will understand the overall points being raised and arguments made.

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Stop The Presses | Patrick Collings 2009

  1. stop the presses patrick collings sagacite brand agency Photo by Ed Schipul
  2. years from now, people will look at the new media business model and say it “happened” in the recession of 2008 / 2009
  3. Photo by Vanessa Pike-Russell what started as a trickle
  4. Miami Herald into third restructuring New York Sun closes afte New York Times Will Cut years Salaries; Washington Post to Offer Buyouts When newspapers fold Ad Declines in Mass Media US newspaper crisis deepens Seen as More Than Just Economic Christian Science Monitor abandons print edition Rocky Mountain News Folds Amid Ad Slump Hearst Plans to Slash, Sell or Shut Paper in Bay Area Hearst Shuts Down a Seattle Paper Gannett slashing dividend to preserve cash Washington Post Net Plunges Seattle Paper Advances Plans Cincinnati Post folds to Turn Into Online-Only Blender Magazine to Go Publication Online Only
  5. not only in the US, and not only newspapers Note: Spoke about situation of media in Europe and what magazines were doing to save costs and increase revenue
  6. those abandoning print either headed to...
  7. Photo by Kirk
  8. not coming back
  9. 1 the print business model was already under long-term threat from digital 2 great expense in returning to traditional print model 3 “recessionary push” will lead to changed habits and rituals
  10. abandoning print saves 50% costs, but ...
  11. online advertising not enough to sustain traditional news operations
  12. ? defining questions & issues
  13. “it is possible to charge for content”
  14. © that’s my copyright
  15. photo by D Barefoot the rise of the bloggers
  16. and that raises more questions about business models
  17. is trust the new slingshot Note: Spoke about research that some blogs were more trusted than traditional media photo by Jennifer Hayes
  18. online advertising is evolving and will evolve further
  19. Note: Spoke about how online publications were allowing banner ads to briefly take over the home page
  20. Note: This is a “banner” ad for Apple that uses large portions of the page to show an online video ad
  21. changing offline, not only online
  22. WSJ.com
  23. perhaps the internet is not such a safe place for traditional print media escaping the photo by Kyriakos recession
  24. digital doesn’t just mean the web Photo by Rienk Jan Schurer
  25. the kindle isn’t alone
  26. new business models are rapidly emerging Note: Among other things mentioned subsidized e-readers for long-term subscription models
  27. expect to see early adoption by higher eduction
  28. what can history teach us
  29. remember when cell phones phoned
  30. before text messages
  31. before they took pictures
  32. before they recorded video
  33. before the applications
  34. do you remember before
  35. ? similar path for the e-reader
  36. subscription models
  37. the new textbook
  38. colour is coming
  39. so is video Note: Probably several years down the line
  40. and competitors
  41. prices are falling
  42. new ad models are emerging Note: Whilst the Kindle does not yet carry formal advertising, this promotional offering from Showtime is available
  43. 1the decline of the traditional newspaper business model will have a profound impact on the future of digital information and advertising
  44. 2 the divide between free and paid, commodity and premium will become more distinct
  45. 3 web revenue models will be tested, found wanting and will evolve
  46. 4 media owners will seek the control of the e-reader, copy the mobile phone business model, and content and advertising will follow
  47. “I find it hard to believe that the primary way of reading newspapers 10-plus years from now is going to be on printed paper.”
  48. Patrick Collings patrick@sagacite.co.za +27 (0)83 616 0967