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Maemo 6 Technology Highlights

This presentation shows some of the key enablers of the Maemo 6 release including a high-level illustration for developers how the Maemo 6 UI works.

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Maemo 6 Technology Highlights

  1. 1. Maemo 6 Janne Heikkinen, Director Product Planning, Maemo Devices
  2. 2. Iconic user experience and integrated Internet services in one aesthetic package
  3. 3. Things that stay the same OMAP 3 Open GL ES WVGA
  4. 4. Image: espejo, by Agustín Ruiz, CC Attribution-Share-Alike License Multi-touch on capacitive displays
  5. 5. Mainstream content business Microsoft PlayReady DRM
  6. 6. Cross-platform development frameworks Nokia Web Runtime Qt 4.6 Development Framework
  7. 7. Development Kit Schedule Preliminary Q4 2009 Q1 2010 Q2 2010 Technical preview Alpha: Qt Maemo 6 UI development framework for Beta: Qt Maemo 6 development framework for Alpha: Nokia Web Maemo 6 Runtime for Maemo 6 Beta: Nokia Web Runtime for Maemo 6
  8. 8. Simple and clean homescreen on Day 1 A canvas your fill with your widgets over time
  9. 9. Multiple homescreens you scroll and flick With as many or as little apps and services you like
  10. 10. Both portrait and landscape Technical preview out now on qt.gitorious.org