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Creating Realistic User Experiences with Interactive Prototypes

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A webinar for IT, software, user experience and design professionals.

Interactive prototypes and simulations allow designs to be tested and validated with real users before the development process begins. This provides an opportunity to make changes and provide stakeholders with a preview of the application design and functionality before coding starts.

Inexpensively created interactive prototypes allow you to see and touch what w...ill be built before you build it and allow you to gather important user experience which can save time and effort while improving design in the process.

Join us as we discuss:
• How prototyping can save you money and help you get it right the first time
• Involving stakeholders to identify key tasks to be prototyped and build consensus
• Prototype fidelity: low, mid or high. Which to use and when
• Choosing the right tool to produce your prototype
• Determining the method of getting stakeholder buy in and user feedback, both in person and remotely

Presenter DeeDee DeMulling is Director, User Experience, Perficient, Inc.

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