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Kred Rewards

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Introduction to Kred Rewards

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Kred Rewards

  1. 1. Kred Rewards
  2. 2. Kred RewardsSocial media influence marketing matches peoplewith offers they loveHypertargeted promotionsincrease awareness,create buzz and rewardadvocatesSelects people byinterests, connections andinfluenceComprehensivepost-campaign analytics,including ROI analysis
  3. 3. HypertargetingIdentify and segment your brand’s top influencers
  4. 4. Generates ViralityDesigned to incentivize brand mentions
  5. 5. Post-Campaign AnalyticsComprehensive reporting on mentions, ROI andmore
  6. 6. Influence MarketingSocial networks drive brand awareness and productrecommendations of consumers trust peer recommendations of Twitter users now post status updates say Facebook impacts their purchasing behavior Sources: Neilson, WOMMA, Edison Research
  7. 7. The Kred Rewards Process Identify and Target Find influencers in your target market in communities connected by interests and things in common Connect and Amplify Connect community influencers with offers and make it easy to spread a brand message through Tweets, Facebook Shares, Pins, and passing it to friends Analyze and Report Complete analysis of buzz, reward redemptions, ROI, Reach and Retweets
  8. 8. Influencer Identification with KredWe sift billions of posts, keywords, hashtags andconnections to calculate influence and outreach Influence The ability to inspire action from others like retweets, replies or new follows Outreach Rewards generous actions like engaging with others and spreading their message
  9. 9. Community InfluenceThen we assess influence in communitiesconnected by interests and affinities 120,000,000 people in over 200 communities
  10. 10. Kred Rewards Distinctions
  11. 11. Viral Elements Boost Brand MentionsInfluencers selected to receive a Kred Reward canelect to Claim & Share the offer… Claim “I just won a Kred Reward from Intel: tickets to an exclusive Will.I.Am concert. Thank you, Intel!”
  12. 12. Viral Elements Boost Brand Mentions…or Pass it in a post to a connected friendwho will enjoy it more. Pass “@priscillascala, I’m passing this Intel Kred Reward to you. I know you’re a big Will.I.Am fan. Tell him Intel sent you!”
  13. 13. Viral Elements Boost Brand MentionsOpen a Reward to all 140 million people on Twitterin exchange for spreading a message Unlock Unlock Unlock Earn this Reward Earn this Reward “Hey, friends, please tweetsharing it me open by to help with by sharing it with theFacebook friends Facebook friends Kred Will.I.Am Intel Reward!”
  14. 14. Analysis and ReportingROI reporting Every campaign receives a complete summary of key campaign metrics, including: Total Mentions Unique Users Total Reach Brand Champions Demographic Analysis ROI on Reach, Influence and Retweets
  15. 15. Analysis and ReportingViral Analytics We accompany campaigns with a comprehensive Campaign Analytics platform: Virality Index Monitor Mentions Surface Influencers Track Reach Measure Retweets Top Communities and Locations
  16. 16. Analysis and ReportingRedemption Analytics Our Redemption Analytics platform grants access to campaign results in real time Clicks Claims, Passes & Unlocks Gender Top Influencers & Outreachers
  17. 17. Kred Rewards Compared Kred Rewards Others Fully Transparent Black Box Algorithm Influence Measurement Targeting by Loose targeting by Community & Location topic Reaches Only reaches 120 million Twitter registered users accounts Viral boosts Limited participation Influencer data provided Influencer data at campaign close withheld
  18. 18. Kred RewardsSocial media influence marketingthat matches people with offers they love Social media campaigns micro-targeting brand advocates and influential people Viral elements that generate excitement, participation and brand mentions Real-time analytics and post-campaign ROI analysis
  19. 19. Easy To Get StartedGet going with our self-service Kred Reward Builderor contact us today
  20. 20. For more information PeopleBrowsr.comTwitter @KredFacebook facebook.com/Kred.PBEmail contact@peoplebrowsr.comPhone (877) 856 - 2935