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Product Experience

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Training and product experience

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Product Experience

  1. 1. Professional Training Mounir ADGHOUGHI
  2. 2. Professional Training Company Pebble Beach BTS Miranda SGT AVID Volicon EPTICA Front Porch RBS
  3. 3. Peeble Beach: Peeble beach is a Broadcast company based in Uk. The training was done in my previous Company. The Product was the Multi Channel Playout. As well VTRs Controls for ingest and playout, routers, Front proch for the Archives restoration and video servers using industry standard VDCP protocol. It provides various options for secondary device control using GPI triggers or control of dedicated on-air graphics devices ( For our Configuration we was using Vertigo “miranda Product”).
  4. 4. BTS ( Broadcast Traffic Software: BTS is a Broadcast company based in Uk. The training was done in my previous Company. The BTS software is a tools used for Right management, Programme planning, and traffic. The routine was mainly used for the schedules Stream planning to produce final transmission playlists. The playlist was as well integrated several template feature like Graphics display for the planners ( logo, auto promo, popup ( Order giving automatically through the Playlist reading to the Graphics Engine ( Vertigo). The traffic system was able to generate multiple playlists.
  5. 5. Miranda Graphics Engine: The Vertigo XG processor was used as data-driven channel branding and promo graphics. This channel graphics processor as the processing performance for demanding dynamic and pre-rendering applications. Our product was used as Auto Branding system, The Vertigo XG processor is ideally used for our most advanced requirements, data-driven channel branding and promo graphics, including in-show promo and episodic promos. This single/dual channel graphics processor has the processing performance for demanding dynamic and pre-rendering applications. It provides multi-level character generation, animation/still and clip playout.
  6. 6. AVID Post Production: As we are producing 40% of our program a new post production workflow has been install and maintain. Interplay makes media workflows even more productive, with new production capabilities, added media file formats, extended proxy support, greater third-party compatibility, and new ways to connect. Our network infrastructure was to have the capability to use the main feature of AVID Interplay that was to be able to extend access beyond the production facility, anyone on the corporate LAN or even at a remote site was able to tap the Interplay from their desktop or laptop. As well our Avid System was composed by different process like AirSpeed Ingest and playout , Transfer Manager to be able to transfert video file from our ISIS storage to any network Folder online.
  7. 7. Volicon Logging System: As most of tv channel our main concern was to be able to view what was transmitting on air the day ago, the week ago, or the month ago. As the industry standard for video monitoring and logging, our Volicon was able to captures, stores, and indexes broadcast content from our multiple channels, offering our users simultaneous, 24/7 access to video from their desktop computers. The Observer products bring new levels of efficiency to critical broadcasting tasks including monitoring and troubleshooting transmissions, ensuring compliance, verifying advertising broadcasts, and tracking and analyzing viewer ratings and public relations information.
  8. 8. Front Porch Archive management: As TV Channel using a storage tek library to archive our video content and to be able to restore it, Diva Archive was use as main component on our Channel media ingest workflow in our Ingest Room. Front porch was able to receive order from the playout system to be able to order a restore file if the file was needed on our Stream playlist. But as well from our ingest station to able to archive a video file on our library.
  9. 9. Eptica: Eptica is product who has been used for customer relation between the channel and tele viewer. A kids Channel and with a website fully multimedia and soial network oriented that tools take a large importance to manage email receiving/reply though our website. A dedicated architecture has been deployed mainly for that. As multi channel and multi language customer interaction solutions. Eptica enables us to deliver improved quality of service, increased website hits and dramatic cost savings by answering every customer enquiry more effectively.
  10. 10. RBS: RBS company is IT service provider who is contected by several channel( Canal +, JCCTV, ARTE, etc …) has recognise knowledge in TV IT infrastructure. They are doing there own research and developement in Storage area, Network assesement, TOIP etc … Mmost of my training with RBS was SAN management ( SVC module IBM product, TSM for archive management based on DB2 database, TPC « Total Productivity Center central storage management up fiber switch management Brocade etc ) But As well Cisco network infrastructure « Firewall, VPN, Router, Switching » .
  11. 11. Thank you for viewing Do not hesitat to contact me for any requirement.