ber im2 gps power spectrum density spread spectrum im3 sensitivity ofdm type-i pll phase margin subspace clustering miller code fdd tdd l1 c/a gps l1 c/a iip3 iip2 cn0 c/n0 snr pll vco gnu octave bit error rate doppler effect dsp desense analysis pn code m sequence gold code channel capacity psd autocorrelation function awgn 2fsk 2ask eb/n0 2psk maximum-likelihood mmse (minimum mean-square error) equalizer shannon intermodulation desense gyrotron stripline impedance pae iip3 calculation noise figure calculation sensitivity calculation saw filter mimo lte higher order pll design rule of thumb higher order pll transfer function open loop bandwidth cp pll stability cp pll transfer function charge pump phase frequency detector pfd pll transfer function phase detector voltage control oscillator pd type-ii pll phase locked loops bode plots damping factor stability gain margin stabilize lo’s frequency local oscillator work life balance self-discipline nthu presentation mamba mentality underdetermined system clustering netflix low rank lasso ksvd dictionary learning discrete wavelet transform fast fourier transform discrete cosine transform zero-norm wireless sensor networks restricted isometry property redundancy overcomplete dictionary sparse matrix nyquist–shannon sampling theorem wireless communication compressive sensing distributed multiview subspace clustering low-rank representation gibbs sampling inference markov chain monte carlo bayesian probabilistic matrix factorization recommendation system probabilistic matrix factorization ao-admm proximity operator constrained matrix factorization matrix factorization alternating direction method of multipliers (admm) riemannian pursuit low rank matrix completion interference alignment interference channels topological interference management patch antenna antenna basic blast stbc closed loop open-loop ergodic channel capacity ergodic process miso simo water filling theory water-pouring theory telater svd david tse gallager spatial-multiplexing techniques diversity techniques multiple antenna techniques noncoherent coherent delay code manchester code nfc ook shift keying demodulation modulation mdpsk mpsk mfsk mask 2dpsk adaptive filter lms root-raised-cosine (rrc) filter isi raised-cosine filter nbmt code nbmb code cmi coded mark inversion manchester hdb3 ami lpf derivations rise time bandwidth multi-beam antenna challenges multi-beam antenna phased-array design mesh-grid antenna beam steering fan beam vertically polarized horizontally polarized cpw co-planar waveguide phased array antenna package antenna module wobin hong smartphones antennas millimeter boc modulation signal boxcar function spread spectrum modulation energy spectral density boc subcarrier fourier transform c/a code binary offset carrier modulation cdma galileo beidou glonass binary offset carrier boc bpsk-r bpsk lpamid ip2 desense due to tx leakage ip2 noise fdd + tdd dl ca tx band rejection hpf b41 rx lna filtering requirements ca derivation intermodulation distortion derivation iip2 calculation imd3 imd2 intermodulation distortion python packet error rate per relative constellation error binary convolutional coding psdu ieee 802.11ac wifi receiver minimum sensitivity wifi rx sensitivity m-ary qam es/n0 rce evm special subframe configuration lte tdd frame configuration transport block size table modulation coding scheme 3gpp spec. 36.213 data rate throughput 4x4 mimo throughput rb lte symbol rate configurable channel bandwidth lte throughput gps prn gps doppler shift gps period generator acquisition loop antenna radiation resistance full-wave dipole half-wave dipole thin linear antenna poynting vector antenna total radiation power antenna far field near field magnetic dipole electric dipole eirp(effective isotropic radiation power) fspl free-space path loss gps satellite power spreading gain d code processing gain b13 notch notch filter cnr dolby armstrong wbfm nbfm costas loop square loop carrier synchronization threshold effect vestigial sideband weaver modulator hilbert transform vsb ssb dsb-sc pm fm am nf calculation noise figure iq constellation symbol error rate qpsk jakes model time spread coherence bandwidth channel impulse response coherence time rayleigh fading frequency selected fading time selected fading baker code correlation function convolution theorem z transform discrete-time fourier transform matlab nyquist sampling frequency least-squares pilot max snr channel estimation minimum mean square error (mmse) match filter cholesky decomposition time domain equalization fft gaussian elimination dft zero forcing cascade nf linkbudget rx saw lte sensitivity lte frame structure im2 product code rate primary synchronization signal 1 rb physical broadcast channel (pbch) pdsch coding rate mcs 3g code direct sequence spread spectrum pseudo random code linear feedback shift registers (lfsr) walsh matrix prime number theorem(pnt) autocorrelation coefficient cdma code scrambling lte code hadamard matrix dsss maximum length sequence orthogonal coding quadratic residue cross correlation coefficient via and equivalent circuit s-parameter capacitance z-parameter inductance abcd matrix s-parameters hollow cylindrical conductor biot-savart formula superconducting magnet superconductor magnet current b-field calculation biot-savart law shannon limit entropy information theory wiener-khinchin theorem cross correlation function variance expectation wgn ergodicity error function q function normal (or gaussian) distribution acf average white gaussian noise covariance function complementary error function energy spectrum density parseval theorem autocorrelation frequency spectrum calibration s parameter vna matched filter nyquist maximize a posteriori probability rrc filter power control anti-fading technology lna pa modulation techniques channel load pull matching tx load pull tuning trade-off filtering frequency selectivity multi-carrier transmission equalization ofdm implementation using ifft/fft zf (zero-forcing) equalization cyclic-prefix linear convolution filtering mrc (maximum-ratio combining) channel-matched filtering efficiency pa linearization techniques class ab class c class b class a conduction angle linearity m-ary digital modulation error probabilities for binary modulation analog modulation digital modulation gyrobwo jammer band allocation overlap and im2 im3 freq calculato harmonic distortion field solver edge coupled stripline mode competition cavity stripline loss effective dielectric constant microstrip loss microstrip impedance frequency dependent coexistence with wi-fi carrier sensing adaptive transmission (csat) listen-before-talk (lbt) supplemental downlink (sdl) lte-u laa unii bands dynamic frequency selection (dfs) external lna lc high pass filter gian dynamic range frequency conversion and filtering homodyne receiver automatic gain control superheterodyne receiver tuned radio frequency (trf) receiver out-band noise wcdma
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