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The power of love revision

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The power of love revision

  1. 1. FADE IN: The Power Of Love Written By Paula Perez Based on, if any PRODUCTION DRAFT Blue Revised Nov 18, 2013 Address Phone Number
  2. 2. FADE IN: 1. EXT. 1 Blue Revised Nov 18, 2013 SCHOOL - MORNING ALLIE gets out of her old truck and stands in front of her new college She looked up and down at the college, breathes deeply and starts to walk into the college with her hands in her pocket and her shoulder tensed up. 2. * * INT. SCHOOL CORRIDOR- MORNING Everyone is constantly walking into each other as they shout across the corridors. She tries to walk through the long corridor without walking into anyone, but she ends up not looking where she going and runs into MICHAEL making him drop all his books. MICHAEL Hey, why don't you look where you're goi.. (stops the sentence and stares at Allie) 1 They are both kneel down picking everything up but as soon as Michael says that,Allie looks at him, gets up and walks away fast like she is suddenly in a rush. She leaves without even saying sorry. Michael turns his head and stares at her as she walks round the corner to the library. He picks up his last red book and hurries to the library. 3. INT. SCHOOL LYBRARY - MOMENTS LATER Michael walks into the college library and desperately looks around. He sees a bunch of people in a group and at the far end a lonely girl with long black hair reading a black book. Standing out from all the blonde girls. Michael walks towards her while her back turned at him. MICHAEL (smiles nervously) Hello, I... I wanted to introduce myself properly. I'm Michael. Allie carried on reading her book without paying any attention to anything Michael was saying. 2 * 3 * 4 * MICHAEL Erm, i just started a couple of days ago. I know it can be hard not knowing anyone. Allie past to the next page of her book. Michael gets frustrated and stands in front of her. MICHAEL Why are you ignoring me? Blue Revised Nov 18, 2013
  3. 3. FADE IN: 2 Blue Revised Nov 18, 2013 Allie pull her earphones out while looking up at Michael. 5 * ALLIE Do you want something? Michael standing up in front of her puts his hands on his waist, turns his head to the side and does a sideways smile then turns his head back looking at her green eyes. ALLIE Right. Ive got better things to do so if you would excuse me. 6 7 * Allie is about to put her earphones back in when Michael starts to talk to her again. MICHAEL So you rather read that old thing than talk to a handsome guy like me? Allie lets out a little smile and stops herself from letting that conversation get any further. ALLIE Not full of yourself at all. I see you're different from everyone else here. 8 9 10 * * 11 * Michael was about to say something but before he could even open his mouth she got up and left the room. 4. INT SCHOOL - THE NEXT DAY Allie had taken media for one of her many subjects. She walked into the full class including Kelly and Michael. TEACHER Welcome Allie, we've only just started talking about filming. there is a seat right there next to Michael. She looked over where Michael was seated, he was giving her a cheesy smile. While Kelly and her best friend Sarah were giving her evils, looking at her up and down. She sat down next to him and got her book and black pen out. She could hear everyone thinking...Everyone were thinking how much of a freaky witch she was. KELLY (smiles) So the Stewarts are back in town? Something supernatural happened at your last school? Blue Revised Nov 18, 2013 12
  4. 4. FADE IN: 3 Blue Revised Nov 18, 2013 Allie grabbed her chair really tight trying to calm down. Michael noticed. He touched her warm hand and suddenly he fell from his chair. he was shocked... 13 Everyone in the class turned around and looked at Michael. Kelly gasped and pointed at her. 14 * 15 * KELLY It was her! the witch did it! Allie looked at Michael worried then looked around the class. So many different faces looking at her like she was some kind of monster. The teacher couldn't figure out what hapened. She grabbed her book and bag and ran out of the class. 5. EXT. FOREST - THE NEXT DAY Allie went to the forest right outside her big but destroyed house. She sat down near the lake, plugged her earphones in and got her book out. Michael went over to her house and saw her next to the lake. He walked over there. This time he remembered that she always puts her earphones in when reading. In signs he asked her to take them out. ALLIE What are you doing here? Michael noticed she was scared and embarrassed. MICHAEL You forgot your pen in class, I just wanted to give it back to you. Blue Revised Nov 18, 2013 * 16
  5. 5. FADE IN: 1 Keep Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:35 2 Capital letter Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:35 3 Who are they Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:36 4 She new? Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:36 5 Earphones Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:36 6 Keep Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:37 7 So if Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:37 8 Seems funyy Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:37 9 Cocky Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:38 10 You're Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:38 11 Capital letter Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:39 12 Who is she Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:40 13 Good Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:40 14 Capital letter Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:40 15 Capital letter Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:41 16 Good Paula Perez 15 Nov, 2013 15:41 4