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Performance Management 2.0 - Taking Performance Management to the Next Level

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Presentation slides for my breakout session at the HRA-NCA Annual Conference at Catholic University on 5/2/14.

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Performance Management 2.0 - Taking Performance Management to the Next Level

  1. 1. Session Objectives Describe the talent management process and the role of performance management as part of it. Discuss the performance development cycle. Discuss the SCARF model and its implications for the performance management process. Describe a process for identifying performance problems and tools to address those problems. Discuss the interdependencies of internal programs and services with the performance management program.
  2. 2. Five Pivotal Practices for Maximizing Individual and Organizational Excellence© Enhance self- awareness Enhance external awareness Identify areas of focus Act with intention and commitment Assess progress It’s a cyclical process where self-mastery is everything. Copyright 2014 Pivotal Practices Consulting LLC – All rights reserved.
  3. 3. www.neuroleadership.com For a more detailed look at the neuroscience behind the model, please read “SCARF: A brain based model for collaborating with and influencing others” by David Rock.
  4. 4. Assess the Problem Cause? Type? Gap? Severity? Consistency Legal
  5. 5. Assess Solutions & Tools Training Coaching Corrective Action Warnings (Verbal, Wri tten, Final) Suspension/ Last Chance Agreements Termination
  6. 6. Performance Plans and Goals
  7. 7. Thank You Pivotal Practices Consulting LLC Pivotal Practices Consulting LLC (PPC) specializes in reducing the administrative burden experienced by executives and managers by supporting these leaders in fulfilling their most time consuming responsibilities. Areas of focus include performance management, worker engagement, and organizational inclusion. This enables these leaders to focus more of their time and energy on other critical work priorities. Leveraging 25 years experience as a federal program manager and executive, the firm delivers results that are responsive to leaders’ most pressing people challenges. 6301 Ivy Lane, Suite 108 (301) 927-2389 direct Greenbelt MD 20770 (855) 85-PIVOT toll-