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How We Made A Social Media Success Of A Gaming Event

  1. dotConverse 2015 How We Made A Social Media Success Of A Gaming Event In 10 DAYS
  2. VOLT Business Consulting // 01 EXCEUTIVE SUMMARY GAME JAM TITAN About 01 What Did We Do 03 What Did We Achieve 02 Investments 04
  3. About Game Jam Ti t an Game Jam Titan is a game development competition open to school students & Professionals held across 6 cities and culminating at the Nasscom Game Developers Conference in November 2014 There are 3 types of competition: 1. Age 10+ 2. College Level 3. Professional Level
  4. We compensated for less time in Pre-Event phase with more action during Post Event phase Only 2 Weeks Available Key Objectives  We had less time for Pre-Event activities Increase Facebook Likes Increase Engagement Increase Awareness About Game Jam Titans Increase Overall Reach
  5. Target Audience: Students between the age group of 13-18 years + Amateur & professional game developers Location: All India Tar get Audi ence
  6.    What di d we do
  7. 01 01 Create branded content around gaming Overall branding and visibility 02 02 Community content to be sourced and leveraged Trusted and more relevant content 03 03 Work closely with 10 gaming communities & 30 school communities online Helps distribute content to the right people plus creates relevant engagement 04 04 Integrate Game Jam Titan activities with a daily contest Makes our audience aware about the concept in a fun way + more engagement 05 05 Create a mega contest entailing voting & mobile friendly application Voting action creates virality, mobile friendliness creates better accessibility 06 06 Showcase participants, winners and their work Creates recognition and motivates viewers Our Key St r at egy El ement s
  8. 01PRE EVENT Create hype & awareness 02DURING EVENT Create Engagement 03POST EVENT Create Action & Extended Engagement & Reach 30% 50% 20% OUR 3 PRONGED STRATEGY FRAMEWORK
  9.     5 STAR Action Points Connecting with influencers and communities Identified and leverage 10 gaming groups and 30 school groups & communities Branding Elements All branding elements and logos were created and standardized along with templates to be used & headers or backgrounds to be used eNewsletters Sent enewsletters and mailers to a pre-collected database of students and teachers (from previous similar events) Facebook Event A shareable and social event created on Facebook New Facebook Page for Game Jam Titans A special page for GJT targeted at professional and amateur gamers only Pr e Event Act i on Poi nt s
  10.  Incentivised Participation Daily quizzes leading to a mega contest with voting mechanism  Live Update Live tweets, photos and videos shared on the web. Cheering up the schools and participants via # and school groups content distribution (This was a delayed streaming and not completelyl live streaming)  Contest at the venue* Motivate participants to check-in, tweet or participate in a live contest ESSENTIAL PLAN The whole idea was to extend the periphery of the event from restricted 6 cities to entire nation. Specific groups, branded content and fun contests alongwith delayed-live content broadcast was leveraged to create reach and engagement Dur i ng Event Act i on Poi nt s COMPANY SLOGUN TEXT HERE
  11.  The participants and winners were showcased Interviews of winners and participants were carried out on social platforms Recognition  Did a survey with school students to understand their preference and also with a few participants . Survey All the photographs and videos along with the winning work was created on the website + on our social assets. The entire user base was updated so that they can access the same and share further Assimilation  Post Event Act i on Poi nt s Distribution Distribute the key content To relevant websites, blogs and groups
  12. What We Did | Social Media A few key elements are being showcased here Daily Quiz | Mega Contest with voting & mobile accessibility | Branded Content | Communities & groups on social media Branded Content, Daily Quiz, Mega Voting Contest, Community participation, Surveys Interviews etc.
  13. Total Likes 10% Total Reach 21% Page Consumption 59% Key Resul t s
  14. Votes Over 200 People voted in the contest. Referra l Traffic Over 12% Rise in referral traffic Survey Over 100 students participated in the post event survey Ot her Benef i t s
  15. Thank You