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Paul Tucker's Visual CV Resume Curriculum Vitae

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My name is Paul Tucker - This is my visual CV / Resume. I am hoping to attract job offers (full time or consultancy) in Product Marketing, Project Management, Business Development, Graphic Design or Sales and Marketing. I live in Oxford - United Kingdom.

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Paul Tucker's Visual CV Resume Curriculum Vitae

  1. 1. iam
  2. 2. a business leader with proven excellence in Product Management, Project Management, Business Development and Graphic Design. Analytical Skills People Skills Sales Skills Communication Skills Presentation Skills High Levels of Initiative Leadership Skills Creativity International reach
  3. 3. Quickly impress you with my experience, knowledge and presentation skills; thereby compelling you to reach out and offer me the job of a lifetime (full time or consultancy).
  4. 4. Product Manager, Project Manager, Business Development, Graphic Designer
  5. 5. crashed ‘Giotto’ into Halley's Comet Project Management Satellite Design Graphic Design telemetry and control centre; managing the trajectory of the Giotto satellite into the tail of Halley's comet
  6. 6. connected the world Business Development Product Manager Project Management Enterprise Architecture global voice and data networking solutions for multinational clients, utilising MPLS, Frame Relay, Fiber Optics, IP and Satellite
  7. 7. desktop renewal Business Development Product Manager Project Management Enterprise Architecture large scale outsourced technology refresh, comprising of computing equipment upgrades, operating system upgrades, networking, remote access, security, disaster recovery and management
  8. 8. mobile broadband for the masses Product Manager Project Manager Sales and Business Development 3G cellular devices for high speed internet and networking connectivity via mobile operator networks
  9. 9. graphical user interface Product Manager Project Management Sales and Business Development defining, designing and developing graphical user interfaces and user experiences for on-device and in-browser interaction
  10. 10. learning management system Product Manager Platform Manager Project Management Developed platform for digital learning enabling students globally to complete coursework via laptops, tablets or smartphones as opposed to traditional printed media.
  11. 11. attainment and retention Product Manager Project Management Sales and Business Development Launched ranges of consumer products globally. Created cross category campaigns to leverage strengths of disparate businesses (film, mobility, electronics, gaming).
  12. 12. products and projects managed successfully. business revenues increased exponentially. competitors were left standing. benchmarks set for design and aesthetics. created a must have market frenzy.