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Insurance Verification Service

Insurance Verification Service - Why are we good at what we do?

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Insurance Verification Service

  1. 1. Insurance Verification Service Outsource Strategies Interna
  2. 2. Insurance Verification Service Why Are We Good At What We Do? Consistent coverage - Do not worry about turnover, vacations, sick days etc. Free up your staff from waiting on hold with insurance companies. We can work directly on your software or offline. We can work on your schedule & stay ahead of schedule. Stay 3-5 days ahead of your schedule. Hire a full time equivalent (FTE) through and save on taxes and benefits. Get an experienced person working on our account. No hiring or training. outsourcestrategies.com (800) 670 2809
  3. 3. We can complete comprehensive verifications getting you the coverage information for all procedures and tests. Outsourcing your dental insurance verification allows you to focus on patient care. Identify a prior authorization needed before you see your patients. Know your patients' dental/medical coverage and plan custom treatments & identify non-covered services before providing them. We are fully trained in most software and can work directly on your practice management system. We have a QA team to ensure 98% accuracy. We also record calls with the insurance representatives for QA purposes. outsourcestrategies.com (800) 670 2809
  4. 4. outsourcestrategies.com (800) 670 2809 Visit us - www.outsourcestrategies.com Call us at : (800) 670 2809 E-mail : info@managedoutsource.com