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Case study: Leading bank uses NetFlow Analyzer to solve mysteries on their network.

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NetFlow Analyzer helped a leading bank in Indonesia to monitor its network bandwidth usage and protect the network from security threats.

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Case study: Leading bank uses NetFlow Analyzer to solve mysteries on their network.

  1. 1. NetFlow Analyzer helped a leading bank to solve mysteries on their network.! Case study!
  2. 2. Company profile! Location:! ! ! Industry:! ! ! Number of branches:! ! ! Services:! ! ! ! Network infrastructure:! Indonesia! ! ! Banking services! ! ! 3 and over 10,000+ users! ! ! Internet banking, retail banking, ! Cash management! ! ! Monitored 20,000 interfaces ! including routers, switches & ! firewalls !
  3. 3. •  Assess immediate and future bandwidth needs for smooth functioning of its branches, spread across different locations.! •  Provide high priority to their critical business applications so that they are up and accessible all the time.! •  Handle huge risk of data of their 1000+ users and prevent network from security threats and DDoS attacks.! •  Identify and troubleshoot network issues faster before affecting end- users.! ! Challenges!
  4. 4. Looking for network visibility of their 3 branches with around 20,000 interfaces spread across all branches.! Company’s need!
  5. 5. •  Helps to know the top talkers in the network for effective bandwidth usage.! •  Monitoring of site links and notify if there is an issue at any of the branches. ! •  Helps to assess long-term usage trends on its network devices.! •  Shape QoS policies to meet bandwidth need.! •  Monitor network behavior for any anomalies or attacks.! NetFlow Analyzer capabilities! “NetFlow Analyzer provides real-time visibility into our network’s bandwidth and prevent it from various network vulnerabilities .” !
  6. 6. Customize dashboard for quick view on top talkers. !
  7. 7. Monitor traffic at each site to check for bandwidth spikes. !
  8. 8. Monitor if business critical apps are accessible from all sites.!
  9. 9. Drillable conversation page to know which IP, application & protocol are consuming bandwidth.!
  10. 10. Get control of excessive bandwidth with QoS monitoring and prioritize critical traffic/apps.!
  11. 11. Continuous security monitoring and anomaly detection to secure network from threats.!
  12. 12. Helps to take future bandwidth decisions and know when more bandwidth is needed.!
  13. 13. Monitor the traffic pattern with compare reports.!
  14. 14. One fine day, at peak working hours the network connection gets saturated, and the employees are unable to reach the cash management server. The business goes down and the real need was to find out suspect and resolve it soon. The suspect could have been be anything. ! Using NetFlow Analyzer we learnt that something on the LAN is consuming a lot of bandwidth, and the real mystery was to know who is the culprit? ! With NetFlow Analyzer’s search & forensics reports, it was possible to track the IPs responsible for network spike and block them to bring back network to normal. ! Real scenario!
  15. 15. •  Make informed decisions to save bandwidth cost.! •  Reduces administrative tasks with advanced analytics capabilities.! •  Be proactive to network faults and troubleshoot them faster.! •  Single point of monitoring for all branches helped to reduce monitoring time.! •  Deliver better service to internal and external customers.! Benefits!
  16. 16. Thank you!! ! Visit www.netflowanalyzer.com! ! ! piyushree.n@zohocorp.com! ! !