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Inside Their Heads: Youth Marketing

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An overview of how to market to youth. What categories or youth and teens are there, and how do you ensure that you can market effectively to them.

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Inside Their Heads: Youth Marketing

  1. 1. Inside Their Hearts, Inside Their MindsMarketing With Youth Doyle Buehler
  2. 2. Inside Their SpaceThe Millenials (b>1980)• More money• More influence• More information• More options• More pressure to succeed• More savvy• More elusive• More in control
  3. 3. HamptonsUrban Riders The Youth Lifestyle Menu - subcultures
  4. 4. YouthFacts:What WeReallyKnow
  5. 5. Youth Fiction –what we think we know Cool is NOT Cool unless self-expressed
  6. 6. Create the culture– Immerse yourself and your company– Market with emotions– Falling in love with you– Resonate with their desires
  7. 7. Get in their Think Space• Their Environment – TV – Movies – Social media – Magazines• Their Experience – Events & parties – Speak with them – HIRE them!
  8. 8. 10 Simple Rules For Marketing with Youth• Appeal to diversity and lifestyle• Be tech savvy• Communicate the benefits• Embrace parental co- purchasing dynamic• Roll out the red carpet• Speak honestly• Engage peer leaders• Celebrate the small stuff• Recognize their individualism• Thank them
  9. 9. Mark Twain: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didnt do than by the ones you did do.Explore.Dream.Discover.
  10. 10. Lead Learn Live• Doyle Buehler doylebuehler@gmail.com