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E-commerce market in Russia 2014

  1. E-Commerce Market in Russia 2014 June 2014 updated Август 2014 September 2014
  2. Hermes Group Facts & Figures Интернет-магазин уже есть, и было бы неплохо: — Turnover of the Hermes Group в 2012 Hermes – is the only global service provider positioned closed to customers and provides all services along the supply chain $2,64 bln — Suppliers joined Hermes-OTTO International supply chain and it keeps growing 2000 — Employees worldwide 11,1 thous. — For Hermes Fulfilment due the world’s largest automatic returns warehouse in Haldensleben The VDI Innovation Award 2013 — Parcels per year are processed by Hermes in Europe 452mln Sourcing & Product Transport Logistics Full Service E-Commerce Distribution
  3. HNT’s Clients Интернет-магазин уже есть, и было бы неплохо: Hermes NexTec has been launching and managing e- commerce projects for clients all across the globe since 2010. USA Brazil EU China Russia
  4. Content E-Commerce Market Trends & Perspectives E-Commerce Players E- Commerce Audience Size ● Volume ● Dynamics ● Structure ● Share Volume ● Dynamics ● Potential ● Geography ● Spendings ● Payments Number ● Leaders ● Dynamics ● Concentration ● Share Market ● Audience ● Players ● Trends & Perspectives
  5. Russian E-Commerce Market Overall
  6. Russia’s E-Commerce Market Size (2013) Total Russian e-commerce market volume is $ 19 bln including: $ 11 bln $ 5 bln $ 3 bln Source: E-Commerce Europe, Data Insight, Hermes NexTec Russia estimations
  7. Russia's E-Commerce Domestic Market Growth Total online sales + 28% Physical goods + 25% Virtual goods & services + 36% Source: EWDN, Data Insight, Hermes Nextec Russia estimations
  8. Russia’s E-Commerce Market Structure Physical goods only %, 2013 Domestic appliances & electronics Apparel, footwear, accessories Car parts Household goods, furniture, DIY Products for kids Cosmetics & Perfume Other Source: EWDN, FOM, Consumer Barometer, Hermes Nextec Russia estimations
  9. Share of E-Commerce in Total Retail Sales Source: Centre for Retail Research, Hermes NexTec Russia estimations
  10. E-Commerce Audience in Russia
  11. 145 600 000 people live in Russia 66 000 000 of them use the Internet daily Source: FOM, TNS, government statistics
  12. Internet Audience & Internet Penetration Source: E-Commerce Europe, Centre for Retail Research, TNS, FOM
  13. Army of Online Shoppers 25 000 000 people make purchases online in Russia or 20% of population 18 yo+ Source: FOM, Data Insight, government statistics, Hermes NexTec Russia estimation
  14. Internet Users Shopping Online Source: E-Commerce Europe, Centre for Retail Research, FOM, Hermes NexTec Russia estimations
  15. E-Shoppers Geography by Regions 2,9 Southern R. (12%) 8,2 Central R. (33%) 5,0 Volga R.(20%) 3,1 Ural R. (9%) 2,3 North-Western R. (12%) 2,8 Siberia R. (11%) 0,7 Far East R. (3%) Moscow – 5,4 (22%) Millions of people, 2013 Source: TNS, FOM, EWDN, Hermes NexTec Russia estimations
  16. Average Annual Online Spend per E-Shopper Source: E-Commerce Europe, Centre for Retail Research, FOM, VISA, Data Insight, Hermes NexTec Russia estimations
  17. AOV of Online Purchase & Number of Purchases per Year Source: E-Commerce Europe, Centre for Retail Research, FOM, VISA, Data Insight, Hermes NexTec Russia estimations
  18. Payment Methods of Online Shopping in Russia Cash Credit cards Electronic money Other Source: FОМ, VISA, Hermes NexTec Russia estimations
  19. E-Commerce Players in Russia
  20. Number of E-Shops in Russia There are about 50 000 e-shops in Russia (2013) +20 % from 2012 95 % of them put all together have 10% of Russian e-commerce market Source: InSales, Data Insight, Hermes NexTec Russia estimations
  21. TOP-10 Online Retailers in Russia Physical goods only Millions of $, 2013 Source: Kommersant, Hermes NexTec Russia estimations
  22. The Leader’s Share in National E-Commerce Market The market leader vs. the rest: Ulmart’s 7% of the market Source: Internet Retailer, E-Commerce Europe, Centre for Retail Research, Hermes NexTec Russia estimations
  23. E-Commerce Trends & Perspectives in Russia
  24. E-Commerce Market Volume Perspectives Domestic e-commerce market in Russia will double in 3 years Growth rates will remain over 20% during next 7 years at least Outstripping growth rate of cross-border online sales (+60% YoY)
  25. Offline Retail Sales Go Online The share of online sales in b2c retail market will reach 20% at least Still it’s only 2,5% in Russia
  26. Key E-Commerce Drivers in Russia New Internet audience – new purchasers Deeper online – new style of life. A custom to buy online Convenient. Better price. Better choice Online methods of payment. Easier to buy No wide offline retail choice for many small towns in regions
  27. E-Commerce market Structure Changes Domestic appliances & Electronics ↓, other ↑ Other Sports Groceries Gifts Luxury New substantial segments: sports goods, groceries, gifts, luxury
  28. #1 European Internet Audience Russian Internet Audience will be #1 in Europe in 2 years with high potential of further growth
  29. New Purchasers: Growth Dynamics Every year the army of Internet shoppers in Russia becomes 25-30% larger
  30. Online Spend Trend Average annual online spend per shopper in Russia is quite high with 15% rate of growth AOV of Internet purchase doesn’t grow though Intensity of online purchasing grows up
  31. Methods of Payments Evolution Several years ago cash was a leader with 85%, now it’s 65% Not very fast, but bank cards expand their influence Other methods don’t and won’t play a significant role
  32. Number of E-Shops The number of e-shops growth rate will decrease More difficult for new ones to compete – better price, better conditions, loyalty
  33. Market Consolidation Market consolidation will continue Amazon will finally enter the market Local players are still attractive goals for M&A for international online retailers
  34. Contacts: Oleg Zhukov Head of Marketing Hermes NexTec Russia Thank you!

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  1. New Internet audience – new purchasers, regional new-comers Better price, better choice There is no wide retail choice for many small towns Deeper online – new style of life. A custom to buy online Virtual money (credit cards, online banking) takes its place. Easier to buy online Infrastructural & logistic changes (more delivery options, faster delivery, less expensive)