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Webinar #25 - OpenBOM and Solidworks Best Practices, Part Two

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This is a slide deck for the 2nd webinar about Solidworks and mastering the Bill of Materials using OpenBOM. In this webinar, we discuss classifications, templates and bi-directional properties

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Webinar #25 - OpenBOM and Solidworks Best Practices, Part Two

  1. 1. In OpenBOM (part II) - Part Classifications (Catalogs), Templates, Bi-Directional properties Steve Hess Director of User Experience, OpenBOM stevehess@openbom.com July 15, 2020 © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.) Mastering SolidWorks BOMs
  2. 2. Webinar basics You are all muted Please type questions in the chat window or send to support@openbom.com We will publish a recording following the event I will share this deck with the playback. This is meant to be a casual event….. And maximise use of time © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  3. 3. About Mastering Solidworks BOMs in OpenBOM Breaking into several “Episodes” as follows: Webinar #24: New BOMs, Settings, Properties, Update OpenBOM, Save Item Webinar #25: Part Classifications (Catalogs), Templates, Bi-Directional properties Webinar #26: SolidWorks Configurations, Purchased Assemblies Webinar #27: SWX BOM Maintenance © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  4. 4. Webinar #25 (today) in particular Quick Review of “BOM” command and what happens Reclassifying an item to a specific Catalog Using OpenBOM Templates in Solidworks Sending property values back to Solidworks © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  5. 5. Definitions: Classification/Catalog: a term used to describe items the category or Catalog of an item. Example: A screw might be in a Hardware Classification/Catalog Catalog: A list of Items used by your company to make your products. Often called a Classification or Inventory or an Item Master, this is a list of parts and sub-assemblies and associated information needed to put your final product together. Property: An attribute or trait used to describe an item. Value: Is the actual number or text of a Property. Example: The Value of a particular parts Description is “Gear” © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  6. 6. OpenBOM for SolidWorks Basics ● OpenBOM requires the installation of an addin to create BOMs from Solidworks ○ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz8YQy9trtU ● BOMs are created from SWX Assemblies only ● Individual SWX Parts may be saved to OpenBOM using Save Item Command ● OpenBOM for Solidworks integration requires a license ○ Free Trial or Professional User or above. www.openbom.com ○ Or, You may be a member of your Team or Company ● SolidWorks 2016 or later although some functionality works with earlier swx versions ● Solidworks PDM and Windows File Explorer addins are supported but not covered here ● Upload from Folders, Excel, other CAD also supported in other webinars © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  7. 7. Lessons Lesson #1 - (2 minute review) Create a BOM using the BOM command Lesson #2 - Moving a screw from the default classification of SolidWorks Items to Hardware? Lesson #3 - Using an OpenBOM Template to define BOM behavior Lesson #4 - Sending OpenBOM values back to specific Solidworks properties. Updating The Description in OpenBOM and sending the value back to Solidworks. © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  8. 8. Live session….1. Lesson #1 Two minute review ○ Open -Wireless Router W25 ○ Settings ■ Sign in ■ Save ○ Click BOM ○ Review the BOM ○ Understand how Solidworks Items Catalog relates to BOM ○ → All Items went to Solidworks Items Category/Catalog 2. Reclassify the 90310-08011 Screw to Hardware Classification (Catalog) ○ Open the Solidworks Items Catalog ○ Create the Hardware Catalog ○ Open 90310-08011.sldprt ○ Click Save Item ○ Specify Hardware Catalog ○ Visit Hardware Catalog ○ Open the Solidworks Items Catalog ○ Delete 90310-08011 item ○ Back to BOM ○ Note 90310-08011 is undefined ○ Assign Hardware Catalog ○ All good! © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  9. 9. Lesson #3 Using an OpenBOM Template w/ Solidworks ● Goal - have a certain set of properties, in a certain order, in every Solidworks BOM ● In OpenBOM, Create a BOM with the properties you desire ● Assign any common Catalogs ● Set the order ● Add formulas (if any) ● Remove any Properties you don’t want ● Save as a Template Template Master ● Solidworks Setting and specify Template ● Delete BOMs ● Click BOM Lesson #4 Sending property values back to Solidworks ● Open the swx openbom settings ● Any property coming back from OpenBOM MUST be in the BOM “Properties” definition ● Create a BOM5 property list ● Add “Bin Location” ● Save ● Goto OpenBOM ● Change Bin Location for the screw ● Back to SWX, Update CAD Properties © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  10. 10. Do’s and Don’ts ● Do always use unique part numbers. If you have Door.sldasm containing Door.sldprt OpenBOM will give each PN=”Door”. So use one of the methods described in prior slide to set a unique part number. Don’t rely on File Name. Consider non-intelligent part numbers. ● Do be mindful of your “Default Catalog” when Creating BOM ● Do read the messages, they say what is going to happen ● Do Use “BOM” and “Save Item” commands ● Don’t use the “Catalog” command. It is being deprecated. ● Don’t create multiple configurations with the same Part Numbers (more in coming webinar on that). You will get wrong quantity for that PN. ● --> Use Configuration Specific Part Number instead
  11. 11. References Solidworks first 3 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz8YQy9trtU Blog/Video on Templates in SOlidworks: https://www.openbom.com/blog/video-openbom-solidworks-add-in-templates-can-save-tons-of-time OpenBOM Webinars https://help.openbom.com/webinars/ (see #21,22) OpenBOM Basics https://help.openbom.com/get-started/understand-openbom/ OpenBOM Help https://help.openbom.com/ - a great place to start © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  12. 12. Questions / comments ? Please send to support@openbom.com or use the Support feature in OpenBOM © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)