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Keynote Nuxeo Tour 2014

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Eric and Alain review the past year, and the key improvements for Nuxeo. They review main technical changes, new customers and results for the company in 2014.

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Keynote Nuxeo Tour 2014

  1. 1. Nuxeo Tour Paris 2014
  2. 2. Help our customers dramatically improve how they produce, manage and use content. ! Content, the ultimate asset that drives real business value and performance, is critical to success.
  3. 3. Nuxeo Platform • Modern, elegant, battle-tested platform for building content-based applications • Designed for the modern world: rich content, structured data, mobile, APIs • Built with a strong engineering discipline: testing, continuous integration, feature branch, fully automated • Come with its complete toolchain: testing, continuous integration, upgrade system, provisioning, etc. • Mission ready (and tested) to support critical workloads
  4. 4. Core Use Cases Digital Asset Management (DAM)" ! Video Distribution Platform Central Assets Repository Brand Management Collaboration Platform Ads Distribution Platform ! JCDecaux, Verizon, GSD&M, CapitalOne Business-Oriented Document Repository" ! Intelligence Platform High-Volume Archiving Cloud Document Sharing Highly Secure Collaboration Regulated Collaboration ! iSight, Datamail, GoBalto, ThompsonReuters, Bank of France Workflow & Case Management" ! Law Production Payable Approval Forensic Analysis Fraud Investigation ! ! SolutionStar, Prime Minister Office, FICO Advanced Content Repository" ! Mobile Content Distribution Product Information Management Master Data Management Developer Builds Distribution Service Boeing, FICO, ElectronicArts, DoD, US Navy, SolutionStar
  5. 5. US Deployment • US is now first region, +120% revenue • Team of 20 in NY and CA, doubled • Prestigious international brands 2011 2012 2013 2014
  6. 6. We have your back! • 2,510 support issues solved •98% of tickets answered inside best effort SLA •94% of tickets resolved inside best effort SLA • Support based in France and United States (both coasts).
  7. 7. Some New Customers
  8. 8. • Core Video Platform • Metadata • Transcoding • Big files (20-100GB) • Connected with content providers • Aimed at becoming Verizon’s video backbone
  9. 9. • Media platform for advertisements • Collaborate, approve and manage digital ads assets to be distributed on TVs • Heavy use of REST APIs • Custom front-end and many integration points with other applications
  10. 10. • Secure collaboration • Manage document management, collaboration, sharing for the Governor’s office and related EU entities • Extremely sensitive content • Process-driven document production
  11. 11. • Largest flight search and aggregator in Europe • Rich media platform pictures, videos, html snippets • Store, manage media and snippets for SkyScanner online properties • Workflow-driven approval • Python front-end, S3 Store
  12. 12. • DAM for the Office of the Secretary of Defense • Document Management, Collaboration for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center • Collaboration for the Office of the Secretary of State • Nuxeo Platform approved to run on US Navy, DoD networks
  13. 13. • 18,000+ commits • 100+ contributors • 2,000,000 LOC • 1,509 tasks/improvements • 1,257 bugs fixed • 21 to 40 CI nodes to build it • 60,000+ builds • 2,400,000+ unit tests run • Lots of care from a loving, dedicated team! :-)
  14. 14. Query & Search, rebooted • Elasticsearch-powered query engine for the repository • Blazingly fast, natively clustered and distributed • Facets (aggregates) on any Content View • Advanced computation and data visualization available • 100% backward compatible, no change to applications required!
  15. 15. User Productivity • Faceted Search, facets on any content listing • Spreadsheet Mode to enable bulk edit on any list • Collections for shared lightweight containers • Live Edit for Nuxeo Drive, better sync • Lighter, faster UI
  16. 16. Mobile • Native SDK for iOS, Android to accelerate application development • Native iPad application to browse content, with selective offline sync • Mobile Web UI refreshed for access via any mobile browser
  17. 17. Developer Experience • Improved REST APIs, online API Playground • SDKs for iOS, Javascript • Codenvy as lightweight development environment, integrated with Studio • Code completion in Studio, more checks & validations • Streamlined packaging & modules
  18. 18. Arken & nuxeo.io • PaaS for Nuxeo-based Apps • Provision instantly Nuxeo instances, integrated with Studio, distribute them in the cluster • Passivate inactive instances (great for trials, dev!) • Achieve high-density on EC2 (or other cloud providers) • Ideal companion for Nuxeo-based SaaS applications
  19. 19. Cloud-scale Performance • 1B documents • 10 repositories, 1 federated index • Injection: 6000 doc/s • Access: 3500 doc/s • Sustained over a long period
  20. 20. JSON-based Persistence Engine • New persistence engine for the repository • Stores objects into document databases • MongoDB as first backend • Will evolve in parallel with the SQL engine, both have different targets • 100% compatible with existing applications, no change required
  21. 21. demo