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Creative Freelancers - Save yourself from endless client requests

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Do you hate endless client requests?
This slideshow will help you save yourself from it.
Practical steps for creative freelancers, designers and others that deal with difficult clients.

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Creative Freelancers - Save yourself from endless client requests

  1. 1. Do You Hate Endless Client Requests? Here’s how to save yourself from them
  2. 2. “There’s one more thing 
 I need you to do…”
  3. 3. “Can we add those last few things to the design before we publish?”
  4. 4. “I had a dream last night… 
 We need to re-do everything!”
  5. 5. Don’t you just HATE it 
 when your clients are asking
 for endless changes???
  6. 6. good news - YOU CAN SAVE YOURSELF FROM IT!
  7. 7. Think about it… Why do your clients want endless changes?
  8. 8. Because most of them have no clue about your work!
  9. 9. They’ve never hired a freelancer before…
  10. 10. They’ve never built a website before…
  11. 11. Or had someone create branding for them…
  12. 12. So how are they supposed to know what to ask from you on the first place?
  13. 13. By the time they figure out what’s missing
 you are already done with your work and too tired/busy to do the changes
  14. 14. How could you avoid 90% of change requests?
  15. 15. Check out what’s missing before you start 1
  16. 16. Before you start the work go over everything one more time and think -
  17. 17. What’s Missing?
  18. 18. What is that isn’t here?
 What can be done better?
 What are the things that my client will eventually ask me to add/change?
 What are the things other clients asked me to change in their projects?
  19. 19. Now help them update 
 the requirements
  20. 20. You might even suggest them 
 new things - and 
 get yourself some more work!
  21. 21. Be their advisor 2
  22. 22. Teach them about your work, 
 teach them what works great for their competitors, teach them why some things are more important than others
  23. 23. Everyone loves learning new things so by teaching them they will see you as an advisor and will trust you
  24. 24. They will know you want the best for them
  25. 25. Teach them what is hard to do and what is not, so they know your time is valuable
  26. 26. Do they want changes after the project has started?
  27. 27. 3 Quid pro quo
  28. 28. It’s cool to ask you for changes
  29. 29. But it’s not cool to ask it for free
  30. 30. So when they ask for something new, reply with:
  31. 31. “Cool! I think that’s a great idea! Now let’s think together what we give up on, so I can have the time to make that change for you.”
  32. 32. Educate them that your time is not theirs, 
 and that it’s not for free
  33. 33. 4 When life gives
 you lemons…
  34. 34. When the project is almost over, 
 if the client asks for more changes
  35. 35. I always come up with “Phase 2”
  36. 36. I suggest them to make a “Phase 2” for their project
  37. 37. In my proposal I Include everything that will help their project be even more amazing
  38. 38. And also the changes they are now asking for
  39. 39. The client is happy and I get more work
  40. 40. 
 We hope it helped you… 
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