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Updating your content strategy for a community driven world - PubExp12

With market demands and user expectations advancing at an ever increasing pace, the modern publisher needs to learn to listen. Content assets are no just longer things you commission and publish. Community-generated assets need curation and management in a new way. Have you updated your process for this new world?

Presented at Publishing Expo 2012 at Earls Court 2, London by Noz Urbina, Senior Consultant, Mekon.

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Updating your content strategy for a community driven world - PubExp12

  1. 1. Updating your Content Strategy for a Community-driven World Noz Urbina noz.urbina@mekon.com @nozurbina@nozurbina
  2. 2. Me/Mekon~ Consultant/Trainer for Mekon Ltd. (www.mekon.com) – Content strategy – Mekon 20 years, me 10 years – specialists in content and mark-up – Small-to-medium-to-huge enterprises~ Mekon principal sponsor, myself chairperson for Congility events (www.congility.com) – Today’s Content Needs Agility@nozurbina
  3. 3. www.mekon.com/ lessworkmoreflow.blogspot.com/@nozurbina
  4. 4. The World of Content XML Nothing has changed... Standards Speed ...and everything has changed. Efficiency Strategy & Single ROI Sourcing@nozurbina
  5. 5. GOING SOCIAL@nozurbina
  6. 6. Getting your ducks in a row~ Before you can integrate community driven content, you must make sure you’re managing yours correctly~ There are a lot of underlying challenges@nozurbina http://www.flickr.com/photos/aidanmorgan/4204877203/
  7. 7. Formats are diverse@nozurbina
  8. 8. Mobile formats are diverseFormat Extn DRM Image Table Sound Inter- Word Open Book- Video activity wrap Standard markingArchosReader .aeh Yes Yes ? No No Yes No Yes ?DjVu .djvu ? Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes ?EPUB (IDPF) .epub Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes/No YesFictionBook .fb2 No Yes Yes/No No No Yes Yes ? ?HTML .html No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes[Kindle .azw Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes ?Microsoft .lit Yes Yes ? No No Yes No Yes ?ReaderMobipocket .mobi Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes ?Multimedia .exe Yes Yes ? Yes Yes No Yes Yes ?EbookeReader .pdb Yes Yes ? No No Yes No Yes ?Plain text .txt No No No No No Yes Yes No NoPlucker .pdb Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes ?PDF .pdf Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes YesPostScript .ps No Yes ? No No No Yes ? ?Repligo .rgo ? Yes Yes No No Yes No No ?TealDoc .pdb Yes Yes ? No No Yes Yes Yes ?Tome Raider .tr2, .tr3 Yes Yes ? No No Yes No ? ? @nozurbina http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_e-book_formats
  9. 9. Displays are cheap and ruggedeink.com/rugged.html@nozurbina
  10. 10. Content is becoming constant@nozurbina bitly.com/smartglass
  11. 11. Fantasy! Never in Our Lifetime! http://www.mediadecor.com/@nozurbina
  12. 12. Take-Aways~ Smart phones and tablets are the tip of the iceberg~ Users are connecting with content in new ways all the time – To connect with them and get their content, you need to be able to be where they are@nozurbina
  13. 13. Take-Aways~ You can’t keep up by converting content from format to format as they appear – Need to migrate to a neutral format – Content must be stored ready for any output/device~ Many organisations are still presenting content online/on mobile in PDF and in the print paradigm@nozurbina
  14. 14. A Lesson from Cloud ComputingCloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product... shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility (like the electricity grid)... over a network (typically the internet).http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing@nozurbina
  15. 15. Service vs. Product (Deliverable)~ Content can be conceived of and delivered as a service – Content gets encapsulated in deliverables – Each deliverable is one view for one context, at one time. ~ One issue or update of a “Journal”, “Website”, “Magazine”, etc.. ~ e.g. News Providers that pipe content to sites, devices, and affiliates globally.@nozurbina
  16. 16. Content as a Service@nozurbina
  17. 17. Content as a Service@nozurbina
  18. 18. Content as a Service Requires~ Metadata-rich content, decent taxonomy~ Format neutral , not proprietary (DITA, XML)~ Repository of structured content modules~ Repository/Delivery platforms that support content queries via metadata~ Ability to re-cast content for a new context to create new value (Content Curation)~ Metric and analytics reporting – To help you decide what to reuse and pipe where@nozurbina
  19. 19. Content Curation~ Content curation is reusing content for new aims~ Sometimes it can be automated, sometimes can be hand-curated~ Considerations: – Is it modular? (References to old context, links, etc.) – Metadata - is it findable by the appropriate metadata in the new contex? – Is it still current/accurate at the point of reuse? – Is it editorially, stylistically, etc. appropriate in its new reuse context?@nozurbina
  20. 20. NOW YOU’RE READY FOR SOCIAL@nozurbina
  21. 21. Social Content Curation~ Making the best of social content involves the same steps and techniques – Research, engagement, listening, measurement – Plus: Curating user-generated content, metadata, folksonomies/taxonomies~ Social content can intermingle with commercial content, creating new deliverables@nozurbina
  22. 22. Lifecycle@nozurbinahttp://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Frog_lifecycle.jpg
  23. 23. Content Lifecycle HTTPS Web CMS CMS Content Server rd 3 party New! Favs New! Mobile Device TMS Embedded And@nozurbina “In-App”
  24. 24. Dangers~ If you build it, they will come~ Departmental silos~ New editorial, licensing and writing guidelines~ Taxonomy and Metadata systems~ Scoping~ Search fragmentation across systems~ Systems consolidation@nozurbina
  25. 25. Conclusion~ When user generated and brand content is: – properly structured – enriched with metadata – free from format~ it can be governed and curated across all formats together as an integrated whole@nozurbina
  26. 26. Conclusion~ If executed properly, this increases: – User engagement – Revenues – Brand value@nozurbina
  27. 27. THANK YOU! Q&A? Noz Urbina noz.urbina@mekon.com@nozurbina @nozurbina