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ThingSpeak: apps for social things

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ThingSpeak: apps for social things

  1. 1. #thingspeak redThingSpeak: Apps for Social Things Hans Scharler @scharler
  2. 2. Objectives• Introduce “Internet of Things” Devices and Drivers• Introduce ThingSpeak as a platform• Show you a pie chart• Review existing ThingSpeak Projects and Applications• Answer what’s next and how you can help• Answer questions
  3. 3. Internet of Things Devices• Range from microcontrollers to computers• Need to be able to push data to web services• They might push “a lot” of data• They might push data when they want• They might be behind firewalls• They want to talk to each other• They like to have many standards and protocols• They might not support SSL• They hate lots of back and forth• They need power
  4. 4. Internet of Things Drivers• Low-cost technology• Wireless pervasiveness• Better marketing – don’t call it home automation• The line between humans and things is blurring – do you feel weird when you forget your phone at home?• Open Data + Thing Data = Web of Things• The Apps will make this interesting and feasible• Inevitability (spoiler alert… the things win)• It’s cool
  5. 5. ThingSpeak App Platform
  6. 6. ThingSpeak Features• All-purpose Data Storage and Retrieval – Tweet-sized data – Push data from devices – Use data in apps – Data Types: • Sensor Data • Text Data • Geolocation Data• Data Visualization – Charts – Maps
  7. 7. ThingSpeak Features• Data Processing – Min / Max Filtering – Time scaling – Summing – Averaging – Median• Twitter Integration – Send Tweets – Use data collected by Twitter – Twitter callbacks
  8. 8. ThingSpeak Features• Integrated Web Apps – ThingHTTP – Low-level access to high-level web resources – TweetControl – Monitor twitter for keywords and react – ThingTweet – Send Tweets without OAuth• Open Source API and Web App – https://github.com/iobridge/ThingSpeak
  9. 9. ThingSpeak Users• DIY• Product Manufactures• Web Developers• Mobile App Developers
  10. 10. ThingSpeak Stats• 1400 Active Users • 2 Supported Languages• 1400 Channels • 500 Private Server Installs• 95% Private Channels • 160 Developers on GitHub• 8 Active Countries – 40% US – 20% UK – 10% Brazil – 5% Spain – 5% Switzerland – 5% Japan – 5% The Netherlands – 2% France
  11. 11. Arbitrary Pie Chart
  12. 12. ThingSpeak Projects• Sensor Data – Sump pump monitoring – Fitness device monitoring – Thermostat monitoring – Weather monitoring – Server monitoring – Someone is monitoring their water bed
  13. 13. CheerLights
  14. 14. CheerLights• Worldwide synchronized color lights based on social trends• Build a light controller and follow “#CheerLights”• More info at CheerLights.com @CheerLights Paint the world red
  15. 15. Twitter Enabled Toy #thingspeak #forward Real-time StreamingTriggers the ioBridge API Control Toy
  16. 16. Social Sensor Network
  17. 17. Social Sensor Network• Web and mobile app used to collect data that sensors can not sense – “It’s hot in here” – “Lots of ladies here”• Social “meta” data on top of sensor data• Built using the ThingSpeak API• More info at SocialSensorNetwork.com
  18. 18. ThingSpeak Tech Stuff• Ruby 1.9.2• Ruby on Rails 3.0• PhusionPassenger• Ruby EventMachine• Node.js• Nginx
  19. 19. What’s next for ThingSpeak?• ioAuth (OAuth for embedded devices)• Upgrade to Ruby on Rails 3.1• New “Reacts” app• New Energy App and plugin• Custom Channel Pages• Upgraded Charts• Update and add tests to GitHub version of ThingSpeak
  20. 20. How can you help?• Make things
  21. 21. #thingspeak blueQ&A Hans Scharler @scharler hans@iobridge.com http://www.iobridge.com http://www.iamshadowlord.com