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When Ward 3 asked for protection ...Owen came through.                                                              Lola R...
Owen not only thinks about the                                      Oneconomy ... he delivered.                           ...
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Owen Freeman-Daniels Campaign Brochure - July 2011 #2

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Owen Freeman-Daniels Campaign Brochure - July 2011 #2

  1. 1. When Ward 3 asked for protection ...Owen came through. Lola Reid: "I have been particularly struck by his ability to Lisa DePiano: listen to various sides of an issue and was espe- "He was very present both emotionally cially pleased that he was able to bring balance and in action with the recent house to the Neighborhood Watch, steering it from a fires. I personally felt at ease knowing hard-line approach it might have had." that Owen was engaged in forming the Neighborhood Watch and work- ing on the arson victims fund."Owen talks about gathering community consensus ...and that is what he has done.Nicholas Horton:"Ive had the great pleasure of interactingwith Owen over the past few years throughhis work on the Ward 3 NeighborhoodAssociation and our advocacy of the ex- Dillon Sussman:pansion of the bike trails through town. "He helped build a relationship between the Smith Col-Hes the real deal and I know he is serious lege Landscape Studies Department and Ward 3. When Iabout bike issues." served on the Zoning Revisions Committee, he provided valuable feedback. He and I worked on creating two dif- George Kohout: ferent neighborhood surveys regarding planning issues in "Owen and I collaborated on the recent Ward 3: one about green space and one about infill. What 2010 Census campaign and the commit- I respect most about Owen is that he doesnt just talk tee discussions leading to the formation about things- he does them." of the Zoning Revisions Committee. His enthusiasm, attention to detail and thoughtful contributions have made a big impression on me." Joel Spiro:Jesse M. Adams: "I had the pleasure of working with Owen on"Owen was my Treasurer and one of Northamptons Complete Count Committeemy top policy advisors when I suc- for the federal census. Owen volunteered hiscessfully ran for City Councilor At leadership in Ward 3, and helped organizeLarge. I know that he will encourage other volunteers. Owen was always there whenopen and honest debates about all is- you needed him and inspired all of us."sues, will listen and weigh the concernsand interests of the people with an openmind, and will show shrewd judgment inhis decision-making." Owen says he su~ports public education ... and has acted on it. Ellen Nigrosh: "Owen has also been a valuable and dedicated member of the NEF Endowment Distribution Committee. He has great ideas, he follows through on his commitments, he listens to all points of view, and he thinks things through." Deb Christakos: "Owen worked on the Vote Yes campaign in Ward 3 asJack Finn: a highly motivated and informed volunteer."I have worked alongside Owen Freeman-Daniels on He worked with former School Committee membercommittees for the Northampton Education Foun- Tim Fisher to promote Safe Routes to School. He isdation and have been impressed with his eagerness also a member of the NEF Endowment Distributionto work hard. Owens approach has always been to Committee, which has funded several noteworthybe intellectually rigorous and to fully grasp issues public school initiatives including Green Action andbefore proposing solutions." Creative Classrooms."Hes done the worl<. He doesnt quit. www.owenforward3.com
  2. 2. Owen not only thinks about the Oneconomy ... he delivered. Owen Tara Brewster: "His dedication to the economy of this Freeman-Daniels: region is unwavering. Through the NAYP he has helped launch many projects that have improved the greater good for many residents of Hampshire County. I know that if elected he will work diligently for his hometown as he has for most of his life." WhenWard3 needed Steven Bandarra: representation, "Owen has shown himself to be someone who cares deeply about our ward. On the Chambers Owen Economic Development Committee he has stepped UP.. consistently been a passionate advocate for our neighborhood. He is hard working, responsi- ble, and not afraid to speak up on our behalf." and stayea 1n. "Owen quickly stepped into a leadership role on the ad hoc committee that formed to help raise money for the victims. Owen did JennyLadd: an amazing job in helping represent his ward, "I have enjoyed working with Owen on organizing events ... helping ensure that there the Core Committee of the Valley Time would be professional stewardship for the Trade, an organization dedicated to funds raised and that they would be distrib- building local resiliency using time as a uted equitably." currency. He has put in a great deal of time helping this fledgling organization Michael Kusek get off the ground. He has demonstrated integrity, passion for community, and direct, critical thinking." Vote "From the beginning of our work August 2nd together on the Ward Three Neighborhood Association, I at the Senior Center have been impressed by Owens commit- on Conz Street ment and tenacity in working for the best interests of the ward. Significantly, even when we have disagreed, I appreciate his Need an absentee ballot? respectful manner and his ability to listen Contact us. to others. Owen never excludes contrast- ing points of view from the table ... he has a proven record of being able to connect and email: collaborate with a diverse range of people to get things done for our ward and our Owenforward3@gmail.com City." Madeline Weaver Blanchette Call Owen: 413.530.1054 Facebook Owenforward3 "He is not only active in the Ward Twitter Owenforward3 3 Neighborhood Association but has a perspective on city-wide issues that will help the City of Northampton for OWEN years to come. He has excelled in is- sues of education, city-wide planning, and is an excellent communicator." Marilyn Richards FORWARD3 Paid for by The Committee to Elect Owen Freeman-Daniels Owen Freeman-Daniels Madeline Weaver Blanchette, Treasurer, 41 Valley St, Northampton, MA 01060 for City Councilor Photography: David Newton Design: Zalkind Ward3