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The Business of Mobile Apps

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Presentation from SVAndroid Meetup on how Developers can evaluate and understand the ROI of projects and their impact on the business.

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The Business of Mobile Apps

  1. 1. The Business of Apps @normanliang March 1, 2012 @normanliang  
  2. 2. About GetJar •  2 Billion Downloads •  Millions of People and Devices •  Hundreds of Thousands of Apps and Developers About Us: •  GetJar has 60 people, with offices in San Mateo and London. •  Backed by Accel and Tiger Global.@getjardev   @normanliang  
  3. 3. You Can Learn •  How To Speak Product•  How To Speak Business•  How To Grow Your App @normanliang  
  4. 4. The App BusinessGrowthA Better ProductA TechCrunch Article Source:  beyondvc.com  @Getjardev   @normanliang  
  5. 5. Source:  Worldclassrd.org   As the Developer How long will this take Is this what you want Why we shouldn’t do it@Getjardev   @normanliang  
  6. 6. The Constant Dilemma Developer Product•  I just want to code •  How long will it take•  I don’t understand why •  It looks pretty simple•  It’s not in this sprint •  Where are we with this project•  @Getjardev   •  @normanliang  
  7. 7. The Business View•  Growth is important•  Users validate the needs•  Revenue gets you more help@Getjardev   @normanliang  
  8. 8. An Online View•  How many of our users are on mobile?•  Does our business model fit here?•  Are we using the right partners and channels?@Getjardev   @normanliang  
  9. 9. What Can You Do? •  Think about the design•  Prepare a plan•  Understand the business @normanliang  
  10. 10. Setting the StageAverage lifetime revenue is $25,000 per app•  Agree on the Goals•  Agile Development•  Measure the Results @normanliang  
  11. 11. Consumer purchase experienceBuild The Funnel Spend 200 Gold from wallet balance, shared across the GetJar ecosystem Download from Android Market and earn 30 Gold Earning notification returns consumer to your app@Getjardev   @normanliang  
  12. 12. See the Next Step Download GetJar Rewards app from Android Market and earn 100 Gold @normanliang   12  
  13. 13. Check the Functionality Will this work? If I click here, this should happen.@Getjardev   @normanliang  
  14. 14. Make It Happen @getjardev   @normanliang  
  15. 15. Thank you Norm Liang developer.getjar.com @normanliang @getjardev norm@getjar.com @normanliang