web service feature extraction technometric theory tcc (technology contribution coefficien) orgaware infoware humanware technoware statistical data and metadata exchange open government data knowledge management system on state loss in lapan knowledge management system life cycle (kmslc) tim penyelesaian kerugian negara (tpkn) diaphragm motion respiratory pattern chronic obstructive pulmonary disease magnetic resonance imaging antenna circular patch wlan dual band algorithm of feature extraction slop angle fiber feature detection active security infrared night vision system agricultural vehicles pathplanning transition probability function pheromone ant colony optimization (aco) 3d space mpi temperature control adjustable factor fuzzy-pid stability quaternion robust control external disturbance spacecraft attitude gsm monitoring system communication base at command short message pre-operative planning tele-surgury navigation system haptic adaptation planning graph service-based business process grid-side detection non-detection zone islanding detection photovoltaic inverter fuzzy coordinator nine-point controller planar inverted pendulum error handling dynamic threshold least square subway integrated monitoring data acquisition floating-point amplifier atem cpld dsp kalman filter ins/gps integrated navigation hypersonic uav target recognition empirical mode decomposition time series of rcs anti-money laundering matching algorithm watch list c8051f040 microcontroller touch screen metal probing technique subsequent water automatic control secure communication linear feedback synchronization hopf bifurcation chaotic system the electronic commerce recommendation association rules clustering dissimilarity zigbee smart home system genetic algorithm routing algorithm sift algorithm character recognition mser algorithm coordination mechanism collision detection knowledge-based reasoning visual reality smart grid tan model naive bayes prediction precipitation robot game dynamic obstacle urwpgsim2d robotic fish compressed sensing ecg body area network low power support vector machine image classification remote sensing doppler underwater acoustic navigation dvor dynamic data loading multi-level data indexing embedded gis anti-intercept data security hamming distance hierarchical protection strategy electromagnetic information leakage improved particle swarm optimization maximum power point tracking photovoltaic system current sensorless control drive motor control electric vehicle boundary smooth transition base on equation of hea region growing segmentation edge extraction multiple emissivity setting
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